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Air Raid
Across The Line
October 2017
Released: 2017, High Roller
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s important to recognize the foot-soldiers, the true warriors in the war against crap music. Air Raid are one of those soldiers. Hammering away now for almost 10 years the band has been relatively prolific and have just released their third, full-length studio album called ACROSS THE LINE.

Still with High Roller Records, Air Raid has had yet another change in singer; three albums, three signers. This is always tough to build a lasting identity when the voice of the band keeps changing but Air Raid seem to persevere on. Delivering a compact nine-track, 38-minute album, these guys really haven’t changed too much. They are true to their Metal roots, old school, classic, traditional, NWOBHM…however you want to identify it, It’s all drawn from the source. These young Swedes have got that sound down to perfection. Some speed, some power, some melody all compacted into good traditional song structures and arrangements. This isn’t European Power Metal it is just Metal.

New vocalist, Fred does a solid job replacing Arthur Fred has some good range and grit and a nice delivery. I feel he is a bit too far back in the mix for my liking, I like the singer way out front, but that is OK. Magnus has joined founding guitarist, Stormchild, on second guitar keeping that nice filled out sound and the riffs and the solos are also very commendable. A highlighted example of this for me comes midway through the album, a cut called ‘Entering The Zone Zero’ with some very nice soloing. The fact that it is a fast instrumental coming in at under three minutes makes it even better.

ACROSS THE LINE would have been a cult classic if it came out in 1986, probably ranking in with cool bands like Hexx and Overdrive all those guys. I’m not sure how many mainstream Metal people are going to notice this in 2107 but it is worth noticing an far cry and and way better than some of the trendy crap that passes as Metal these days.
Track Listing

1. Hold the Flame
2. Line of Danger
3. Aiming for the Sky
4. Cold as Ice
5. Entering the Zone Zero
6. Hell and Back
7. Northern Light
8. Raid or Die
9. Black Dawn


Fredrik Werner Vocals
Magnus Mild Guitar
Andreas Johansson Guitar
Robin Utbult Bass
David Hermansson Drums



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