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Aeons Black
January 2013
Released: 2012, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Aeon are a 5 piece Swedish death metal band who formed in 1999. This album is the bands 4th full length studio album.

I have a bit of a sore point when it comes to death metal, and that is, I feel like when you listen to an album, no matter how much they have tried to do something different, it always sounds the same. This album isn’t much different. There are a few songs which are pretty good, “Still They Pray” is a heavy start to the album and “Sacrificed” is an almost less heavy version of Meshuggah. Funny enough, the only one that I really liked was actually an intro!

I would like to point out “Nothing Left To Destroy” for its weird mix of metal with what sounds like Tron samples. Apart from these few, I find that everything just sounds the same; I found it really hard to get into this album.

I will give them credit on the production and quality, the sound is very clear and the music does flow together quite well. Despite all that, it just didn’t do it for me. I found myself losing interest in it quite quickly. Shame, as I had heard great things from this band.

Review by Lianne Alice
Track Listing

1. Still They Prey
2. The Glowing Hate
3. The Voice Of The Accuser
4. I Wish You Death
5. Garden Of Sin
6. Neptune The Mystic
7. Nothing Left To Destroy
8. Passage To Hell
9. Aeons Black
10. Dead Means Dead
11. Sacrificed
12. Aftermath
13. Blessed By The Priest
14. Maze Of The Damned
15. Die By My Hands


Arttu Malkki – Drums
Zeb Nilsson – Guitars, backing vocals
Tommy Dahlstrom – Vocals
Daniel Dlimi – Guitars
Marcus Edvardsson - Bass

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