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Kult Des Hasses
April 2014
Released: 2014, Listenable Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

After calling it a day in mid-2010 and then saying “nah, just kidding” about 15 minutes later, Vincent Crowley and company have finally offered up their “comeback” record, KULT DES HASSES. Say what you will about Acheron’s body of work, they’ve at least been consistent with their tried n’ true brand of blasphemous death metal; much to the chagrin of Forrest Gump, you pretty much know what you’re gonna get with a new Acheron record. Which makes KULT DES HASSES (translated as Cult of Hatred) that much more of a pleasant surprise. Retaining all of the vehemence and bravado that you’ve come to know and love, KULT DES HASSES elevates the band’s sound to new heights through an impressive degree of musical shred and a more competent and confident collection of tunes.

“Daemonum Lux” is a mid-tempo opener that takes a bit to get crankin’, but sounds like a continuation of what we heard on THE FINAL CONFLICT. But all bets are off after that, as “Satan Holds Dominion” kicks down the door and beats you with your own spleen, but not before throwing in some tasteful harmony licks to class the beating up a bit. But sweet Satan, “Raptured to Divine Perversion” is not only my favorite track of the album, but is quite possibly the best track ever to appear on an Acheron disc. With a goatload of solos that recall Mercyful Fate’s finer moments and a bevy of rhythmic pummel, it’s an exceptional track. And the hits just keep coming after that. “Whores and Harlots” is an uptempo ode to the devil’s bitchez, as is the doomy “Concubina do Diabo” (check the solos towards the end, total Azagthoth frenzy). And closer “Devil’s Black Blood” is a total throwback thrasher that’ll make you want to start a circle pit in your living room. Start to finish, KULT DES HASSES is on a mission to destroy, and it succeeds.

Now okay, some of the lyrics maaaay sound like they were written by an 8th grader in homeroom detention scribbling in their Trapper Keeper. “Luscious Breasts/And Warm Dripping Slits” are actual lyrics that somebody wrote on paper, and then sang into a microphone while being recorded, with the intention of creating a seductive atmosphere. While that kind of stuff might take you briefly out of the moment of an otherwise excellent musical experience, it’s still an otherwise excellent musical experience.

And the cover art! Black hoods, blood, and big boobed girls with Farrah Fawcett hair – f@#king metal.

KULT DES HASSES is easily one of the best surprises of the year so far. Acheron have been an underground kvlt phenomenon for decades, but this may actually be the album to push them out of the darkness, metaphorically speaking, that is.
Track Listing

1. Daemonum Lux
2. Satan Holds Dominion
3. Raptured to Divine Perversion
4. Jesus Wept (Again and Again)
5. Thy Father Suicide
6. Misanthropic Race
7. Whores and Harlots
8. Asphyxiation (Hands of God)
9. Concubina do Diabo
10. Devil's Black Blood


Art Taylor - Guitars
Kyle Severn - Drums
Vincent Crowley - Vocals, Bass

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