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Gamba, N. & Visintini, N.
Iron Maiden Companion (Book Review)
April 2002
Released: 2001, Moving Media & Arts
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I figured with the release of Maiden’s new Live CD and DVD I would tackle a couple of Maiden related books for my monthly book reviews. Check out my Iron Maiden Biography review as well.

Maiden collectors rejoice! The fine establishment of Iron Books in Italy have released a number of Maiden related books but this is the “Best of the Beast”, pun fully intended. The Iron Maiden companion is a guide to everything and anything collectible related to Iron Maiden. This mighty tome documents everything, and I mean everything…Shirts, Ticket stubs, posters, box-sets, tour books, videos, cassettes, vinyl, LP’s picture discs and on and on. It is truly magnificent work documenting the thousands of items that have something to do with Iron Maiden.

This book itself it of high quality! It has about 400 full colour, high gloss pages! There is not a much in the way of text, just pages and pages of full colour pictures to help the collector of Metallic Maiden Memorabilia. The stated goal was to help fans determine what is real, what is official and so on. It was interesting to see that Maiden has not gone to the same lengths merchandising stuff as Kiss has. There are no lunch-boxes or jigsaw puzzles or stuff like that, just official merchandise. Very cool. Speaking of official this book is fully endorsed by the band, management and so on.

The book is divided into Recorded Material, Printed material, (Magazines, etc…) Live material (Tour books, ticket stubs, set lists and Tour shirts) and a whole bunch of stuff listing everything every member past and present has been involved with. I especially like seeing the regional tour shirts, where the band would have an official shirt for just part of a country or region (California, Texas, Florida, NYC, Behind the Iron Curtain etc…) and my favorite, the “Canadian Slavery Tour ’84” shirt with Eddie dressed as a Mountie, standing in the snow with a moose.

This book has something of interest for every Maiden fan and is a very useful tool for the avid collector. To learn more checkout

Additional note: This book is now available for sale at JPW Metal Enterprises in Canada. Please note, I wrote this review BEFORE my company decided to carry this book. I don’t want to have a conflict of interest so I state that upfront.

It is available for sale at
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