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Bu - Tik
June 2013
Released: 2013, Spinefarm Records (Universal Records)
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Political Taiwanese metallers Chthonic's seventh album, Bu – Tik, is inspired by the 228 Massacre. An anti – government uprising in Taiwan. That began in 1947 and was violently suppressed by the KMT – led Republic of China government and resulted in the massacre of innumerable civilians. Estimates of the number of deaths vary from 10, 000 to 30, 000 plus.

The incident marked the beginning of the Kuomintang's White Terror period in Taiwan; in which thousands more inhabitants vanished, died, or were imprisoned. Chthonic's singer Freddy Lim is the current Chairman of the Taiwan chapter of Amnesty International and the band are acclaimed artists and political activists who advocate independence for Taiwan.

The lyrics are heavily political and passionate. As is the music. Band spokesperson Doris Yeh describes the album as being inspired by Taiwan's history and 'righteous violence and self-defence' The band fuse traditional Taiwanese music, including the classical Chinese instrument erhu, with thrashy black metal, giving the band a very unique and modern sound.

Bu – Tik is a politically charged and impassioned album laced with melody, speed, and aggression, with a flavour of the Orient. Which does not stray too far from their previous paths musically and will satisfy fans old and new alike.

Review by Sarah Angelise
Track Listing

1. Arising Armament (Intro)
2. Supreme Pain for the Tyrant
3. Sail into the Sunset's Fire
4. Next Republic
5.Rage of my Sword
6. Between Silence and Death
7. Resurrection Pyre
8. Set Fire to the Island
9. Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace
10. Undying Rearmament (Outro)


Freddy Lim – Vocals/Erhu
Jesse Liu – Guitar
Doris Yeh – Bass
Dani Wang – Drums
CJ Kao - Keyboards

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