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June 2004
Released: 2004, Sakara Records
Rating: 4.3/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Mokoma, the hottest Thrash Metal act in the Finnish media nowadays, has surely more than well gained its position in the brightest limelights without any doubts. Need a proof? Mokoma´s follow-up album titled TÄMÄN MAAILMAN RUHTINAAN HOVI to their highly successful KURIMUS that came out last year here in Finland, basically continues the band´s reputation as a heavily yet insanely thrashing metal act. The band has chosen to express themselves in their own native language Finnish to Thrash Metal loving people as some of you may probably still remember - and that´s absolutely that thing in Mokoma which makes them kind of unique and original sounding band compared to a host of other Thrash acts around these days. Well, sort ´uniqueness´ can of course be measured by many different ways, but Finnish-sung Thrash Metal in today´s world surely is damn special in my opinion at least...

TÄMÄN MAAILMAN RUHTINAAN HOVI continues right from there where these furiously raging thrashers in the Mokoma –camp left off on their all the way excellent KURIMUS album. The guys are at their best with such songs on their new opus as “Haudan Takaa”, “Hiljaisuuden Julistaja”, “Minä Elän!”, “Kiellän Itseni”, “Vade Retro, Satana!”, Poltetun Maan Taktiikkaa” and “Nämä Kolme Ovat Yhtä” where the guys prove more than clearly why they are considered as the most promising Finnish Thrash Metal band for a damn long time. I especially cannot help admiring Tuomo´s undying sense for some truly sharp and ear-grapping Thrash –riffs how on earth he´s always capable of keeping them in THAT high level of a blood-stopping intensity and aggressiveness. Maybe he even could consider providing some of his help to the Slayer –guys for the band´s next album... (hah!).

Nevertheless, those 7 songs off TÄMÄN MAAILMAN... listed above, do represent Mokoma in its thrashiest and therefore in its finest form, truly showing that this foursome can easily be a perfect company f.ex. to Frisco´s own veteran thrashers Exodus´s latest album TEMPO OF THE DAMNED as far as these songs' certain intense Thrash values are concerned. “Kiellän Itseni” and “Nämä Kolme Ovat Yhtä” are nothing but very well presented proofs why it´s so damn easy to fall in love totally with this type of ´hur-lum-hei´Thrash shit... once and for all. These songs honestly represent some of the coolest moments in my opinion that have been created in the Finnish Thrash Metal scene (yes, believe me folks... we do have such one!) by a Finnish metal band for a quite long time. And I mean it...

Also, count in “Poltetun Maan Taktiikka” where a chorus part reminded me amazingly strongly of some of those ear-tickling choruses that f.ex. Anthrax tended to use especially on their earliest albums. This song is one of my biggest favorites on the album due to this vintage Thrash -feel in it, absolutely!

As for the rest of the five songs on the album, well, there´s nothing ´too much´ wrong in them either, but as the Mokoma –guys don´t ride on the wings of all-out thrashing inferno in them that much, these songs having this tendency, unfortunately, to be less fast, less aggressive and less thrashy in the word´s utter meaning, I personally don´t give much chance for them. Most of these ´leftovers (!)´ are, however, heavy and dark enough though to earn their own privileged places to be a part of the album and will surely please many other ´less picky´ listeners. But as I already become aware of these guys´ true ability and skills to make really tasty and violently raging Thrash –songs, I simply am having hard times to accept anything else from them, but those most ruthlessly and mercilessly thrashing moments overall in their sound. They are absolutely at their best for spitting maliciously thrashy and fast shit out, so they should stick to that stuff only and leave everything else for some others. The album´s last song called “Uni Saa Tulla” shouldn´t be on the album at all!! Sounds too much like... (uh!) early The Rasmus –stuff or something...

Yea..., I know I´m such a picky bastard... always been and always will be. Still, I feel that TÄMÄN MAAILMAN... is a tad better and more enjoyable album than Mokoma´s previous album KURIMUS only due to the album´s 7 heavily yet very determinedly thrashing songs on it – that, in fact, made me moshing around my house and playing my masculine-like air guitar just like ´back in the good and old days´.

Mokoma have chosen a right path which will eventually lead unavoidably them toward even more successful times if they just remember keep on thrashing determinedly the hardest way... the only thinkable way for them indeed, ha! ;)
Track Listing

01. Toista Maata
02. Haudan Takaa
03. Hiljaisuuden Julistaja
04. Tämän Maailman Ruhtinaan Hovi
05. Minä Elän!
06. Kiellän Itseni
07. Hyinen Syli
08. Vade Retro, Satana!
09. Sudet Ihmisten Vaateissa
10. Poltetun Maan Taktiikkaa
11. Nämä Kolme Ovat Yhtä
12. Uni Saa Tulla


Marko Annala – Vocals
Tuomo Saikkonen – Guitar
Kuisma Aalto - Guitar
Janne Hyrkäs – Drums

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