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Hollywood Undead
American Tragedy
July 2011
Released: 2011, Octane Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Ok, so Hollywood Undead may not be the most metal band on the planet, but these wannabe rap rockers from Los Angeles still have lots of potential, especially after a release such as American Tragedy. Musically American Tragedy is heavier than their last effort Swan Songs but Hollywood Undead is back and this time they mean business! When you have been given 18 tracks of pure NU metal wonder, you are in for something special, and hopefully this album will pull in the fans needed for Hollywood Undead to hit the big league.

The first single from American Tragedy is the amazing anthem ‘Hear Me Now’. This one track sums up Hollywood Undead in three and a half minutes of Electro, Rap styled rock, which really makes you want to punch the air, grab a drink, have a dance and shag a Ho. It’s such a good feeling to know that rock can be as much fun and party like than most chart music, and Hollywood Undead know that this catchiness and party like spirit will hook them listeners, when other bands trying to play the same kind of music as them will lose listeners by playing the same boring kind of music.

Hollywood Undead has tried to take a heavier approach to this album, and all in all it has been quite successful. With this album we see the guitar part creeping in bit by bit until you get tracks like: ‘Been to Hell’, ‘My Town’ and ‘Tendencies’ where the guitar part is predominant in the song and you can air guitar and mosh to the tunes. The vocals are still on top form like we hear from Swan Songs and Charlie Scence, Johnny 3 Tears and Funny Man are still able to vary their style of vocals whether it be aggressive rapping or softer mellower ballad singing.

American Tragedy is chock full of filler unfortunately and lacks the catchiness of tracks like ‘Everywhere I go’, ‘Young’ and ‘Undead’ off Swan Songs. If Hollywood Undead stuck to writing songs like ‘Hear me Now’ and ‘Apologize’, then they would get on really well and their listeners would feel more a part of the bigger picture when they can sing along to the songs. Just look at the chorus of ‘Hear me Now’, when you play that song two or three songs you will be singing the chorus:

“Where'd you go? Where's your home? How'd you end up all alone? Can you hear me now? There's no light, there's no sound. Hard to breathe when you're underground. Can you hear me now? Hear me now! And by god, what a chorus it is.

With more darker and meaningful lyrics, Hollywood Undead has definitely matured as a band and now realise that if they want to make money and hook fans, they have got to play to their strengths, and American Tragedy is the magic flying carpet that will make it happen.

Review by Matthew Seddon
Track Listing

01.Been to Hell
03.Comin’ In Hot
04.My Town
05.I Don’t Wanna Die
06.Hear Me Now
07.Gangsta Sexy
09.Lights Out
10.Coming Back Down
13.Pour Me
15.Mother Murder
16.Lump your Head
17.Le Deux


Charlie Scene - vocals, lead guitar
Da Kurlzz – drums,
Danny - clean vocals
Funny Man – vocals,
J-Dog – keyboards, synthesizers,
Johnny 3 Tears - vocals

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