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Hospital Carnage
July 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

So what are the chances that not one, but two Spanish Death/Grind albums come out on the Relapse Record label each within one week of Barcelona winning the UEFA Champions Cup Final? Well it happened this year (2011) and we are going touch on both of them. Please feel free to check out the sister review of ETERNO TREBLINKA by the band Looking For An Answer.

There is no understating the global influence of Carcass. By 1990 virtually every Metal-producing nation had it’s own variation of the forensic pathologist, death/grind template established by Carcass. Australia had Blood Duster, Sweden had Regurgitate, Poland had Pathologist, the list goes on and on and Spain’s entry into the Death/Gore/Grind sweepstakes is Haemorrhage.

HOSPITAL CARNAGE is the bands sixth full-length release since 1990 (not to mention almost 20 splits and EP’s) and are considered to be Spain’s #1 band in that fine field, although some would suggest Avulsed for that title. First impression of HOSPITAL CARNAGE is very positive with a very well-done cover, ominous without being too explicit and a clever use of font for a hint of humour.

15 tracks of splatter for half-an-hour, is just the right amount of lethal brutality. Haemorrhage employ a triple, even quadruple vocal style, one ultra-low and guttural and one higher and shrieked, one kind of roared and one middle of the road Death style. Yeah, I know that sounds weird but really listen with headphones and you can hear four distinct styles, especially on the track ‘Ingreso Cadaver’. They all complement each other well. The band rips through the songs with ferocity without excluding some sense of melody. Some of the solos like the one on ‘Necronatology’ is surprisingly under-stated and eloquent. The production is great, razor-sharp and loud. Lyrically the band does not tread into any new territory, but all the songs tie in with the ever-familiar, ever-popular medical theme.

Haemorrhage may not get the name recognition of the unholy triumvirate of post-Carcass, medically inspired, 1990’s Death/Grind bands (Aborted, Exhumed, & Impaled) but they are fully deserving nonetheless and HOSPITAL CARNAGE is proof positive.
Track Listing

1. Open Heart Butchery
2. Traumaggedon
3. Resuscitation Manoeuvres
4. Flesh-Devouring Pandemia
5. Fomite Fetish
6. Amputation Protocol
7. 911 (Emergency Slaughter)
8. Doctors of Malpractice
9. Tumour Donor
10. Hospital Thieves
11. Splatter Nurse
12. Hypochondriac
13. Ingreso Cadaver
14. Necronatology
15. Intravenous Molestation of Obstructionist Arteries (O-Pus VI)


Lugubrious Vocals
Luisma Guitars, Backing Vocals
Ana Belen de Lopez Guitars
Ramón Checa Bass
Daniel Rojas López Drums

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