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April 2013
Released: 2013, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

A couple of years ago I wrote that it felt like the industry missed the memo on the UK’s Godsized. I’d like to say someone has finally picked up the message but as this debut full length is coming self-released I guess it’s still in the ‘to sort’ pile. That or they’re screening my calls.

Regardless, Time is well named because it has felt like a bloody age coming after the success of the band’s two EPs - one of which prompted Zakk Wylde to pick up Godsized as a main support for Black Label Society in 2011. Now celebrity endorsement does not automatically mean good - as anyone who has ever brought paid through the nose for some shoddily built piece of tat just because a footballer waved his hand in its general direction can attest, but it does seem that Godsized haven’t kept us waiting unnecessarily.

As well put together as your average Swiss watch, Time is the amalgamation of all the different sounds of Godsized into one fat little groove that swings like the heaviest pendulum. This is in part because the album is predominately made up of full-band live takes, which although sounding tidily mixed, gives it an immediacy that leaves the endlessly fussed-with recordings of its peers looking awkwardly overdressed.

But then when you’ve got pipes like Glen Korner’s which ride that groove like a bird on thermals and a band that are so in step with each other there’s little risk of crushed toes, why would you need to overcomplicate things? It’s not hard to join the dots on why Zakk digs them - songs like ‘Soul Taker’ and ‘Still Waiting’ feel their way around that BLS space but at their own slower pace.

The middle of the album is straddled by the almost eight-minute long bear-all ‘Mother’. Although we’ve seen Godsized do longish tracks before this is the mother of them all so to speak, and a perfect showpiece of the band’s capability to birth well structured songs that leave the three-minute mark far behind.

The gripe, and there’s always one, is that despite initial flurries the pace of the majority of the songs always settles down around the same point - they’d sound completely different sped up (and not necessarily better) but it’d be interesting to hear just once in a while. Likewise Glen’s vocals may be powerful but they also put the brakes on some with their emotional weight - real or imagined. ‘One More Time’s’ quieter acoustics feels like the Cinderella fit for these, and yet by making the slightest shift in tone in favour of gruff ‘The Bounty Hunter’s’ steel-bound hook hits its mark just like any gunslinger worth his irons.

If you’re looking at your watch wondering when I’m going to wrap this up well all I can say is give Time a few of those minutes. Cause you’ll be glad Godsized took the time to make it, glad you took the time to listen, and glad I took the time to tell you too. Well it’s the first two that count right.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs
Track Listing

1) Soul Taker
2) Through to You
3) Heavy Load
4) It’s a Hanging
5) Mother
6) Moving on
7) No Reprieve
8) Final Act
9) Perfect Moment
10) The Bounty Hunter
11) One More Time
12) Still Waiting


Glen Korner - Vocals and guitar
Neil Fish - Guitar
Dan Kavanagh - Drums
Gavin Kerrigan - Bass

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