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Cemetery Of Scream
Frozen Images
April 2009
Released: 2009, Metal Mind Productions
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Although this is my first encounter with the band, Cemetery of Scream (CoS) has been kicking around since 1992. The Polish band has had a fair number of line-up changes over the years, but in spite of this they’ve managed to release four well-regarded albums up to now. Led my founder / guitarist Marcin Piwowarczyk, CoS has been slowing growing, and have been signed to Polish-metal focused MetalMind Productions since 2006.

I like to listen to a new band without reading their bio first. Often, bios are so hyped and ridiculous that they can color your opinion of a band, and I like to go in “fresh”, as it were. With that in mind, from the first tinkley keyboards of “Bluebird”, it’s obvious that Cemetery of Scream fits firmly within the gothic metal realm. Olaf Rozanski’s deep sonorous vocals quickly confirm this fact, and we’re off to the Goth races to compete with H.I.M., Entwine, 69 Eyes, Poisonblack etc. Yep, CoS are about as generic as they come.

To be fair, it’s not all shoe gazing sadness and catchy melodies – the band do try and mix things up now and then, with a more aggressive attack that includes growled vocals (“Cat’s Grin”, “Black Flowers”) and a very intriguing, gypsy-ish instrumental (“Ritual Fire Dance”). If nothing else, they get points for trying some new things.

Still, the bulk of FROZEN IMAGES is shockingly dull, as the band’s standard Goth metal attack adds nothing to an already overcrowded genre. Sure, CoS are competent musicians and have their blackened hearts in the right place, but their overall song writing comes across as plain old boring. After almost twenty years of activity, I expected more.
Track Listing

1) Bluebird
2) Prince of the City Lights
3) Cat’s Grin
4) The Bridge of Ashes
5) In Your Blood
6) Golden Lullaby
7) Ritual Fire Dance
8) Black Flowers
9) A Million As One (As A Million)
10) Geisha Out Of Dreams
11) Sapphire Sun
12) Night In White Satin


Marcin Piwowarczyk: Guitar
Olaf Rozanski: Vocals
Katarzyna Rachwalik: Keyboards
Pawel Goralczyk: Guitar
Jacek Krolik: Bass
Tomasz Rutkowski: Drums

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