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With Dead Hands Rising
August 2008
Released: 2008, Mediaskare Records
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Chaosankh

It seems that the never-ending production of metalcore albums will not end. Isn’t this fad supposed to be over by now? In any case, With Dead Hands Rising is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based entry into the ranks of this mutt of a genre, and EXPECT HELL is their third release since their formation back in 2003.

Like most metalcore albums, EXPECT HELL is an aimless mish mash of extreme metal styles that results in indistinguishable chaos. A track like “Ultima” is a perfect diagram for this mess of an album. What starts out featuring some decent melodic death leads proceeds to jump from riff to riff and tempo to tempo with total disregard for musical logic. Leaping from melodic to hardcore to death squealing sections, this track reveals With Dead Hands Rising to be composers with short attention spans. At times the songs seem to just fall into an abyss where none of the instruments seem to acknowledge the rest of the ensemble that they are a part of (just check out “The Possession” for clear cut evidence of this disheartening fact). In truth, the only really cohesive unit on the entire disc comes in the form of the three minute, dirge-like guitar and piano instrumental, “Momentary Alphabetic Convergence.”

The worst part of EXPECT HELL’s listening experience is that there are several glimmers of true talent to be found on the album that never come to fruition. Scattered throughout the album are several guitar parts that show skill in writing punishing riffs as well as tight melodic leads and the drumming highlights great moments of pure speed and other elements of clever off beat playing. Unfortunately, these guys are not committed to the songs themselves, choosing to rant and rave, all while delivering a confused heap of music that is not enough of one thing to please any of the fans of the splinters of each extreme genre that the album dabbles in.
Track Listing

1. Piles of Burning Bodies-4:22
2. Tourniquet Girl-4:08
3. Hammer of the Gods-.46
4. The Possession-3:35
5. Beckoning the Glass Cased-4:03
6. Ultima-4:11
7. A Lurid Account of Mass Murder-4:34
8. Momentary Alphabetic Convergence-2:56
9. Concentrated Contamination-4:22
10. Distress Patterns-4:58
11. Like Tar-2:37


Burke VanRaalte - Vocals
Ty Inhofer - Guitar
Logan Branjord - Guitar
Ben Kippley - Bass
Daniel Koppy - Drums

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