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Into The Void
November 2016
Released: 2016, Sliptrick
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It doesn’t seem like a long time between albums for Veonity, because I just reviewed their 2015 debut album GLADIATORS TALE earlier this year. I loved it and it is not a shock that I love this album too!

The Swedish Power Metal quartet must live by the motto, ‘If it is not broken, don’t fix it! They are still on Sliptrick Records and the line-up is still intact. That does not mean that cannot progress! The first album was based in ancient times, this album INTO THE VOID is set in the future and has an overall Science Fiction theme. The album cover art is amazing, not only in execution but the concept….a frightening situation to be sure! The band has also upgraded their logo/font to match the futuristic feel of the art and lyrics.

Musically INTO THE VOID is very much like the debut, perhaps even a touch better. Pounding anthems, blazing solos, muscular delivery and a few sonic flourishes to make it interesting. The album is sort of divided by a nice little semi-instrumental called ‘Insanity’ which gives the listener a brief break after four killer fast songs in a row. There are little bits of keyboards and acoustic guitar to add spice. One of the highlights for me is the cut ‘Warriors Of Time’ perhaps a sister song in spirit to the song ‘Warriors of Steel’ from the last album? I was listening to the track ‘Awake’ and I thought to myself, Anders sure sounds like Piet of Iron Savior on this song.. and of course after I looked into it, it was! The band have perfected the blend of power and melody and all powered by double-kick drums! I love the big back up choruses that are so catchy, memorable and infectious, they make me want to song-along. Every song is a winner.

INTO THE VOID is certainly going to be way up in my ‘albums of the year’ list and one of the more exciting bands I’ve heard in a while. With an album this strong, I’m not surprised they have a huge buzz and have landed a spot on the upcoming Freedom Call tour. There is a lot of Power Metal out there, but this is certainly worth hearing and buying.
Track Listing

1. When Humanity Is Gone
2. Frozen
3. A New Dimension
4. Awake
5. Insanity
6. Solar Storm
7. Until the Day I Die
8. In the Void
9. Warriors of Time
10. Astral Flames
11. Heart on Fire
12. Winds of Faith


Samuel Lundström Guitar
Anders Sköld Vocals Guitar
Kristoffer Lidre Bass
Joel Kollberg Drums



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