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Timo Tolkki
Hymn To Life
March 2002
Released: 2002, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

I had high hopes for Timo Tolkki’s second solo album HYMN TO LIFE. I didn’t expect something that was going to fall into the power metal realm but I did expect it to contain some amount of metal or at least some ass kicking hard rocking tunes. Well this solo album contains neither. This is not metal nor is it even hard rock…it’s not even rock really…this it just a pop album with minimal focus on the guitars! I don’t know what Timo was smoking when he did this pop foolishness! It’s not like this kind of music is going to make him a bundle of money so the cash motive is not applying here. He must be a fan of some really shitty music to put out something like this. I have Timo’s first solo album, CLASSICAL VARIATIONS AND OTHER THEMES and while that’s not up to the high standards of Timo’s main band Stratovarius, in comparison it looks like a masterpiece along side of HYMN TO LIFE. Even the album cover for this is bizarre. You have Mr. Mullet man wearing a hippie acid washed shirt holding the hand of a child and leading him to a diamond surrounded by a stone altar-like structure covered in trees, flowers birds, deer, etc…like I said…what in the name of Satan is Timo smoking?? Ha!! Timo says of this solo album “This is a trip into my childhood and into my life in general and also into how I see life.” So lyrically this might be something more thought out and deep, but the music is so lame it’s hard to imagine how much thought could have went into it. I guess I’m too much in the metal mind frame to appreciate this pop album. I just hope that whatever he was trying to accomplish with this album he’s done with so he can get back to playing melodic power metal with what has become one of my favorite bands in recent years – Stratovarius. For the record, I love Timo’s lead guitar playing and I think he’s one of the better players out there today, so don’t take my ranting here as a personal attack against this fine musician. This is just the result of what happens when a fan is let down by an album!! Now back to the metal...
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