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Beyond The Pain Barrier
October 2017
Released: 2017, Deadline
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s no secret that I am a long time fan of Thor. However even I was surprised at how good this new album is! BEYOND THE PAIN BARRIER is his fastest and heaviest in years. It is also his 21st or 22 studio album! No one really knows because he has a very confusing discography. I’m not an expert, but maybe some member of the Thor Korr could tell us!

After a few years of sort of floating around in semi-indie labels, Thor has really found a good home with the Deadline/Cleopatra group. They have put some time and money into a good reissue campaign and I’m glad the mighty one is not just living on his past glorious adventures. He still has the drive to make new music for the true fans which is always a plus in my books.

BEYOND THE PAIN BARRIER (which is also a nice reference to his body-building past) is an awesome title and the CD has great artwork courtesy of Dusan Markovic who has also done great work for Dragony, Death Dealer and the new Jag Panzer. The 10 page booklet has the usual credits, lyrics, and photos something that some of his other albums have lacked. Looking at the liner notes it is not surprising to that this is the heaviest album Thor has done in a while. The album is loaded with guest starts, and young guys too, not just the usual suspects like his old buddy Frank Soda but young guys from bands like Lords Of The Trident, Dawn Of Valour and Iron Kingdom. Members of Cloven Hoof and Aska also pop up for a solo here or there. Hanging out with all these young rockers must have giving Thor a kick in the ass and the whole thing sounds great. If you are into underground true Metal, it is quite a star-studded affair.

The album kicks off fast with ‘Tyrant’ and gives you a one-two-three punch before slowing down into a surprisingly tuneful and melodic, power ballad called ‘When A Hero Dies’ which could have fit nicely on any Hammerfall album. Thor’s powerful voice tells us tales of high adventures, of Gods, thunder, valor, phantoms and more, all perfect lyrical grist for the God of Thunder himself. The guitar tone is classic, the drums fast and heavy, everything is amped up.

In my review of the last THIOR album (METAL AVENGER, 2015) I said if he left for Valhalla he could hold his head high finishing his career with a strong album. Well, the God of Thunder had no such plans of leaving quite yet and he must be laughing at me because he has gifted his loyal legions an even better album. Hail.
Track Listing

1. Tyrant
2. The Calling
3. Beyond the Pain Barrier
4. When a Hero Dies
5. On Golden Sea
6. Phantom's Light
7. Twilight of the Gods
8. Galactic Sun
9. The Land
10. Deity in the Sky
11. Thunder Road
12. Quest for Valor


John Leibel-Guitar
Matt McNallie-Guitar
Ted Jelnicki-Bass
Tom Croxton-Drums



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