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Sinners Burn
Insanity Warmachine
December 2010
Released: 2010, Khaosmaster Productions
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Swedish death mongers Sinners Burn don´t want to rest in their dusty coffin too long. They are out there again, throwing us with some sun-bleached bones the best they can – and obviously having lots of fun by doing so.

INSANITY WARMACHINE, which is the band´s 3rd studio effort, offers pretty much the same that was already on offer on the band´s 2 previous albums: Retro-ish sounding old-school Death Metal the Swedish way that still bows strongly yet so shamelessly to early Grave´s, Nihilist´s, Carnage´s, etc. direction, doing it so well – with all the necessary old-school Swedish Death Metal recipes in their pockets – that it´s hard to imagine them as a band of this century. Sinners Burn´s crispy, heavy and down-tuned, early 90´s Death Metal comes out from their war machine mangling and killing – you bet it does! It seems like all those old weapons that are meant to be used for their warfare, cannot do the trick this time, not the way that was hoped for.

INSANITY WARMACHINE is only ´just okay-ish´ release from the most part from Sinners Burn, sending out this old relentless beast in killing spree, but only a few teeth less than last time. It can still bite, but not hard enough which is unfortunate within the past few years.
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Undead Army
03. Burned by the Devils Fork
04. Torture of the Gods
05. Morgue Than You Asked
06. Worse Than Death
07. Insanity Warmachine
08. Warcasm
09. Blood Cum Vomit
10. Among the Zombies
11. Embalmed in Human Flesh


Marcus Ankarberg - Vocals
Richard Karlsson - Guitar
Fredrik Nilsson - Bass
Jocke Ringdahl - Drums

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