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Sea of Green
Sea of Green
May 2000
Released: 2000, 12th Planet Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

The spirit of Sabbath lives on! Sheeee-it, does Sea Of Green ever hearken back to the Sabbatherian vibe. Out of Toronto, the boys in the band (Travis - Guitar/Vocals, Chris - Drums/Percussion/Keys, and Eric - Bass) formed Sea Of Green out of the ashes of indie gods Kuthe (hmm...where do you think they got the name?) who mined a similar vein of stoner ore. However, the vocalist on the Kuthe releases had a voice that didn't quite suit the stoner ramblings of the band, hence, he's been replaced by Travis whose voice is perfect for the bands trippy compositions. Let me tell ya, this is some great stoner rock that thankfully isn't a rip off of Kyuss.

Opening up the album with "Time And Space", SOG spit out a seriously pounding jam that is the perfect album opener - a heavy, bass-laden tune that sways the body and the mind. This song is the perfect combination of sweet leaf and heavy metal! The band keeps up the intensity with "Move The Mountains", a solar-gazing track that highlights both Travis' psychedelic vocals as well as his awesome guitar playing. He whips out at least two totally ripping solos in this song, all the while Eric and Chris blow your speakers with some dense grooves. Really, that's where this album is at its best - in the groovezone (I love making up words at random). Each of the first two tracks are a perfect melding of heavy sludge and grooves so thick that Pantera wishes they could write 'em. I want more, more, more!

And the band happily obliges, kicking into "Look To The Sky", keeping up the pace of the first two tracks. "If You Want My Soul" is the penultimate Drain S.T.H. song (not that Drain will ever write a riff this catchy). It's got a slick bass riff that opens the song before Travis' guitar blares forth on top. Kick ass! The album slows down a bit, both in speed and song quality with "Change With Me", which is just a little too dull for my tastes, but closes with "In The Sun" which reverts back to the spaced-out vibe of "Time And Space". Easily one of the best demos so far in 2000, Sea Of Green has arrived to blow minds everywhere. Oh yeah, extra points given for the totally fucked up album cover. Contact Eric at: - you won't regret it!
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