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A Dark Formation
January 2016
Released: 2015, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Normally I don’t bother reviewing digital only albums. To me they lack legitimacy, sort of like reviewing a demo. If you can’t actually buy the album, it is just too nebulous a concept for my old physical format mind to comprehend. However, I don’t mind making an exception to help out a band or musicians out. In this case the metal warrior who is the brains behind the excellent band Norselaw (who have released physical albums, and that I reviewed on this site a few times) sent this EP my way and asked that I check it out.

A DARK FORMATION is the debut release by the American Power trio known as Stormlurker. My initial impression is very good, they have a cool logo, and an awesome cover by relative unknown Joel Rosales. He has a future doing Heavy Metal album covers! The five track, 23 minute long EP has excellent production. The guitar tone is very thick and robust. The band play a type of modern thrash mixed with US Power Metal with some pretty harsh vocals at times. Those harsh vocals are supplemented with occasional whispers, King Diamond styled screams and a few sound effects thrown in as well. There are some great solos and huge riffs on every song. The band is not afraid to change tempo once or twice during the song making for a very interesting listening experience. It’s pretty hard to identify another band that sounds like this. I was forced too I might choose bands like Crescent Shield, Cirith Ungol, (old) Hammers Of Misfortune, The Lord Weird Slough Feg and some stuff by Chris Black. STORMLURKER is ultimately heavier than all those bands but along the same twisted creativtiy reigns in the songs. STORMLURKER is a little more straightforward than Norselaw in terms of song-writing and arrangements, a little less quirky but no less dynamic and interesting.

Overall, I was intrigued because I really liked what Norselaw was doing so I thought I would set aside my digital discrimination perhaps only temporarily, it was Christmas time when I wrote this review after all. I’m glad I did. I hope it can get pressed, released and better yet the band signed to a label with good distribution so more people can enjoy A DARK FORMATION.
Track Listing

1. Stormlurker
2. Bane Of Giants
3. No Masters But One
4. Terrible Cities
5. Modron Nights


Deryck Heignum- Vocals, Guitar
Stan Martell- Bass
Austin Lane- Drums



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