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Rise of the Northstar
August 2014
Released: 2014, Repression Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I was introduced to RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR's debut album Welcame through a promotion picture I saw on the internet, which described the band as Thrash Metal. After listening to the record, however, I have to differ: yes, there are areas of the music which include elements of Thrash Metal as we know it, but Welcame is really more of a Metalcore / Groove Metal record. I kind of avoided imagining that when I read that their songs were influenced by Manga and elements of Japanese culture, so as not to jump to conclusions too early, but I did have a bad feeling about it, maybe due to the fact that someone showed me an Avril Lavigne video inspired by those very same things. Well, after listening to the record, I learned that although RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR do not play teeny-bopper music, their style is more akin to New York Hardcore like MADBALL mixed with some of these modern Groove Metal elements and brief flashed of Thrash Metal in one or two songs.

Off the eleven songs in Welcame, the closest RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR comes to sounding like Thrash Metal is "The New Path", with its SLAYER inspired guitar riffs and fast drum beats. The rest of the record is just the same tired stuff one can expect from any recent Metalcore release. I sat there stupefied trying to figure out why are they trying to sell themselves as a Thrash Metal band, when there is hardly anything ressembling that on the record. There's also some Hip Hop thrown in, if that's your thing.

The production on this album is crisp, clear and gives the band a massive sound, and if this were an actual Thrash Metal album, it would have been killer sounding. With their actual style, the record just comes off sounding like RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR are desperately trying to find a bandwagon they can stick to. There are lots of ideas from different genres, but no cohesion in the song structures, and that makes the ideas come off as abrupt and random, making the record sound like a compilation of this week's top ten Hot Topic bands.

Titus Isaac
Track Listing

01 What The Fuck
02 Welcame (Furyo State Of Mind)
03 The New Path
04 Samurai Spirit
05 Dressed All In Black
06 Again And Again
07 Tyson
08 Bosozoku
09 Simon Says
10 Authentic
11 Blast 'Em All


Vithia - Vocals
Evangelion B - Guitar
Mazing Erwan - Guitar
Fabulous Fab - Bass
Hokuto No Kev - Drums

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