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Moss of Moonlight
August 2013
Released: 2013, Cascadian Alliance
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Black folk? I’ve never even heard of that genre until Moss of Moonlight showed up with the stunning EP that would give Wintersun a run for their money. But it’s quite upsetting as Cavan’s supposed to be the frontman, but Jenn’s vocals are much more bearable both audibly and production wise which makes her put Cavan to shame.

Four tracks aren’t much, but when they range from five to 13 minutes it’s enough to kill off some time. The guitars of drum use are put to full capacity, and there’s even a flute sounding thing being used, and a classical guitar solo! I didn’t see that coming. But this album is full of many musical wonders, which puts it to question as to why Cavan’s the lead singer.

The delivery on the cleans are boring and muddy on the screams, but Jenn’s cut through on all the chorus’ which put her in the spotlight, besides the brilliant drumming. Even though the vocals aren’t great, lyrically its pitch perfect. Eole is a standout of harmonies and lyrical story telling of pagan travellers. It’s so clear and beautiful, before its anthemic side kicks in. And that’s barely two minutes into it.

Catte has a more Iron Maiden influence with duelling guitars, but it’s crazy as it’s an electric and classical guitar doing the same thing and it works perfectly. Jenn’s drumming is proven to be a bit more technical here and gets a spot for herself singing, along with Cavan’s vocals improving a bit more each track which makes it perfect. At this point you now have to imagine Wintersun crying at the sound of this EP.

Finishing with Hraefne at six minutes, it feels like a hurried finished compared to the other lengthy tracks. Hraefne begins in acapella with Cavan supplying a bassy voice beneath Jenn’s vocals, which sounds like something the Elves would sing off of Lord of the Rings. The acapella is interrupted by a heavy bass drum and the savage imagery of the lyrics take control “We’ve come to wake the world with our screams/Odin, take our kill/We come from the mountains/rain in our hair/The earth has claimed us naked and bare”.

The overall vocal production for Caven is a letdown but once you are focused and listen through in a more determined light, this EP is essentially a Lord of the Rings heavy metal soundtrack that ticks every box in the “How to be as epic as fuck” notebook.

Review by Connor Flello
Track Listing

1) Gaet
2) Eole
3) Catte
4) Hraefne


Cavan Wagner – Vocals/guitar
Jenn Grunigen – Drums/vocals

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