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Merendine Atomiche
The Holy Metal
April 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Formed in 1998, Merendine Atomiche was once a Metallica tribute band but in 2000 the guys in the band thankfully decided to ditch that gig and move on to playing original material. Let this band be a lesson to anyone who thinks that honing your musical skills in a cover band is a waste of time, ‘cause this disc rocks! Merendine Atomiche is total kickass old-school thrash in the vein of ARISE-era Sepultura. While not quite as accomplished as that monumental release, this disc is totally killer!

“War or Peace” starts things off with a bang, crashing through the speakers and immediately alerting you to the fact that these guys don’t screw around! This is vein-popping METAL at it’s best! Hell, Luca Zandarin’s screams and growls like the Max of old (kinda) while Dave and Giulia riff like fucking madmen all over the place. Dario’s bass is good but workman-like, but Luca Cerardi pounds the living hell out of his drums! This is a great song!

Thankfully, the rest of the disc isn’t a let down, ‘cause each track just smokes! “The Holy Metal” seems like it might be a slower respite after the explosive opening, but it quickly goes into a thrash assault before slowing down again. In fact, the band mixes up the tempo in most of the songs, never resting for too long at one pace. This helps the songs stay interesting, and keeps the listener involved. Good thing too, because all of these five songs are pretty long (5-7 minutes).

Damn! I can’t stop listening to this CD! If you love thrash, do yourself a favour and check out Merendine Atomiche!

Web: http://www.merendineatomiche

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