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May Result
July 2002
Released: 2001, CCP Records / SPV
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

Before listening to TMINA, I doubt I could have named but one Serbian metal band, let alone ever heard any metal coming from that particular area. May Result is a six-piece from Yugoslavia that plays black death metal in the Scandinavian style, with quite a bit of melody and atmosphere, without resorting to keyboard-saturated nor blastbeat-infused styles common to many Scandinavian bands nowadays. The closest parallel I can draw to TMINA, May Result’s second album, would be Emperor’s work between IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE and ANTHEMS TO THE WELKIN AT DUSK.

The guitarwork is quite competent, with riffs varying from fast and raw to fuller, heavier guitars, while the drums lay down a very fast pace for most of the songs. May Result uses the keyboards very effectively in a fashion that creates a dark, haunting atmosphere, while not intruding nor covering up the rest of the music. The vocal lines are sung in the growling style that further accentuates the aggression of the guitars, and the lyrics are in both English (though somewhat broken) and in the band’s native tongue. I really like the production on this disc because it is raw enough to create a distinct dark, chaotic sound and clear enough that none of the instruments are lost or over-amplified in the mix.

Opening the album is an extended low-tuned keyboard intro, which begins to wax a little long past the three-minute mark before it erupts into a frenzy of guitars and blasting drums. The keyboards then pick up again to create a haunting backdrop while the song carries on. As track two “The Last War Of Times” swings into full-gear, I am hooked on this album. This track stands out to me as the best on the album; it even reminds me in places of mid-period Immortal. Track three “Stars Hysteria” opens on a slower note as it builds to a crescendo that flows into nice bit of atmospheric thrash. Also on this track is the brief appearance of some clean, epic vocals. Track six is another standout, opening with a violin and acoustic guitar piece. Many time and style changes within the song make it epic and quite interesting. Closing the album at the end of the seventh and final track is another violin solo that ends the album on a somber note.

Reflecting on this album, I wonder why the Balkans are not known for producing metal. The area is rife with many struggles that I would think to be most inspirational to an aggressive music form such as metal. In any case, May Result’s TMINA is a very good album that fans of black metal should enjoy.

Visit CCP Records homepage, check out May Result’s section, and get some MP3s of May Result and other artists at
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