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Maxxxwell Carlisle
Full Metal Thunder
March 2014
Released: 2013, Power Dungeon
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

One of the great pleasures in music is heating new music and discovering an act for the first time. Even though Maxxwell Carlisle has been around for years and put out a number of albums, this is my first introduction to him and it is better late than never.

The young American guitarist went solo after an aborted project called Graceful Chaos and since 2009 has released two full-length solo album, a couple of EP’s and even worked with shredder Michael Angelo. His most recent EP, FULL METAL THUNDER is a pretty good description of what you will hear. Maxxxwell handles the keyboards, bass and guitars and is backed up by veteran drummer Dave Chedick formerly of New Eden. There is one thing we have to get out of the way and that is the uncanny similarity of Maxxwell to Kane Roberts. You have Maxxxwell, a dead ringer for Kane Roberts; a muscle-bound body building guy, weird hair, and yes, a custom built, machine-gun guitar. I don’t think we can accuse Maxxxwell of being a blatant rip-off because he was born in 1983, so he would have only been five years old at the height of Kane Roberts popularity, but still…it is like Maxxxwell is channeling the spirit of Kane. Weird. Actually, it is good thing because Kane kicked ass and so does Maxxxwell.

This six cut EP left me wanting more. FULL METAL THUNDER certainly meets your daily dose of Metal as three of five songs have the word ‘Metal’ in the title. The five cuts are simple compositions that allow his amazing guitar shred powers to shine. There are actually six cuts, one being a single version of the title track, cut down by one minute. There are some female vocals on the standout track, ‘The Power Of Metal Compels Me’ and Rick Renstrom appears on the song, ‘Time Crisis’. The songs are straight up classic Metal with lots of great soloing. The production is decent and the songs are marvelous and catchy, heavy, fast and fun.

Other people think Maxxwell has what it takes because he recently landed the coveted guitar role in the re-activated Hellion. I’d recommend checking out FULL METAL THUNDER to hear what he is all about.
Track Listing

1. Full Metal Thunder
2. The Power of Metal Compels Me
3. The Call of the Metal
4. Marching with the Dragons
5. Time Crisis
6. Full Metal Thunder (Single)


Maxxxwell Carlisle Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Michael Yancy Vocals

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