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Malicious Death
January 2005
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Well, I have been waiting this thing to come out for a while already: The Finnish Speed merchants & Thrash bangers Malicious Death have finished the recordings for their 2nd full-length ´neck muscle tamer´ titled WAR AND POWER. I believe I have said it before and I´m going to said it again: Malicious Death fucking RULES...!! It´s as simple as that... really, just believe me!

I don´t know or even care how many more times I should spit it out, but the Malicious Death –team´s totally vintage, old-school Speed/Thrash Metal seems always to send a whirlwind of cold shivers down my spine every single time when I listen to them. Try to think sort of a madly thrashing crossroad between Kreator´s ENDLESS PAIN and Slayer´s SHOW NO MERCY albums, added with a mish-mash of their own stone-hard attitude and burning passion to do this type of old-school Speed/Thrash Metal that luckily has come back again over the past few years by a strong entrance (i.e. Exodus, Death Angel, Destruction, etc.).

On WAR AND POWER (not WAR AND PAIN by VoiVod or POWER AND PAIN by Whiplash) Malicious Death has also taken a tad stronger leap toward a more technical and varied musical _expression which doesn´t mean they are any ´less aggressive´ or ´less brutal´ as far as the songs on this record are concerned. The band still rides on the winds of old-school Speed/Thrash Metal inferno firmly and painlessly, keeping their worn-out, vintage flag high for an old-school thrashing Speed Metal mayhem bravely and basically bringing all that to all Speed/Thrash Metal –fans what they wanna hear in the first place. From 3-4 minute raging outbursts “Possessed” and “Deathmarch” to more lengthy tunes such as “Legions of Doom (6:26 min)” and “Enemy Unknown (9:20 min)”, Malicious Death have more than better proved that all the talk and fuss around them about very potential Speed/Thrash Metal exponents have been very fuckin´ true. Along with Jumalation, Malicious Death are two of the brightest and most hopeful ´stars´ in the Finnish soil of an uncompromising and ripping Speed´n´Thrash Metal in my honest opinion. And YES, I had guts to say that because I do fuckin´ know I just spitted the truth out straight to your puzzled face, so here you are, suckers! Malicious Death takes no prisoners, so prepare for an ultimate... THRASH ATTACK!! ,,/
Track Listing

01. Possessed
02. Grave Under Ice
03. Suffocation
04. Deathmarch
05. Legions of Doom
06. War and Power
07. Mind of Violence
08. Enemy Unknown


Red Jesus – Vocals
Obadio – Guitar
Bilibaldus – Bass
Jerker – Drums

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