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A Monster In Mourning
November 2015
Released: 2015, Unsigned
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Confused, middling and majorly uninteresting. Gehtika's latest offering is all in the title; "A Monster In Mourning".

'A Monster In Mourning' is a record caught between middling song-writing ability and a lax attempt to please many different soundscapes within one singular album. The end result is a sad, arrogant let down with not enough substance to get Gehtika over the line where it counts. There's just not enough here to justify calling this album something it's clearly not. 2015 has much better in terms of quality, relying less on gimmick uses of simple stereotypes and in turn, releasing better music.

With eleven tracks from start to finish, 'A Monster In Mourning' placates the very foundations of their music without really touching on what would launch them into supremacy. Forty-two minutes later and the listener is left with a completely underwhelming sense of bland song-writing. 'A Monster In Mourning' features lack-lustre instrumentation, predictable riff work and stereo-typically bland vocal work, as bland as you can get the heavier side of Justin Bieber. Ultimately, 'A Monster In Mourning' can be added to the "listen once", "enjoy rarely" collection. The entire album is rough, repetitive and yet directionless within itself. I don't mean it's bad per-se, but it's about as far away from excellent as you don't want it to be. On paper, everything is right - but from the album opener "Apollyon" to closer "A Halo Of Crows" there's not really a gem to talk about. The music is overly safe, too safe with no room to grow or explore or even maintain itself.

Take Gehtika's latest offering with a grain of salt. If you're stuck for something to listen to, this might fill the void, but it's really touch and go. You may just regret putting this on the first place. Unfortunately albums like these don't exactly give us reviewers too much to talk about, it becomes an overall shame. There's so much potential here if the band backed themselves, or even experimented slightly. Just because your 30 years too late to a party doesn't mean you have to do what the pioneers were doing. A cheese filled introduction precedes a solidly sounding "One Night Seven Sins" but it all becomes too samey. The furious pummeling from all corners meets the standard for the genre and everything sounds as it should but for what it's actually worth I'm over it even before the middle of the record.
Track Listing

01. Apollyon
02. One Night Seven Sins
03. Step Forth From The Darkness
04. Stack The Pyres
05. Empire In Decay
06. A Monster In Mourning
07. Reckoning
08. The Massaquerade
09. Shepherd Of Erebus
10. The Fiend Staring Back At Me
11. A Halo Of Crows


Anthony Knight - Vocals
Scott Allen - Guitar
Topher O'Meagher - Guitar
Psy' Timms - Bass
Marc Lord - Drums

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