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Glacial Fear
Fetish Parade
January 2001
Released: 2000, Negatron Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Looks like Negatron Records is assembling something of a stable of young death metal bands (see my review of Dammercide this month). In fact, comparisons between Glacial Fear and Dammercide are almost inevitable, as both of these Italian bands are quite similar. The style is aggressive death metal tempered with the occasional foray into melodic breaks and clean vocals, but not in the style that is so typical today (i.e.: In Flames rip-offs). Of the two, I’d say that Glacial Fear is the heavier and less melodic than Dammercide, with more the emphasis more on aggression than melody. However, Glacial Fear also has less innovative parts in their songs as they seem to be focused entirely on “kill”.

As I said, Glacial Fear not a very melodic band, though they do find room to incorporate some tasty bits into the chaos (see “Subhuman Mutation”). However, most songs are meant to batter the listener with angry sci-fi stories set to equally angry music. In fact almost the entire album falls into this theme, though there are standouts. “Alienatheist” and “Spacecraft” are particularly memorable. The standout track though, has to be “Antarctica”. Starting with some creepy guitar picking, the song quickly breaks into a surprisingly accessible stutter guitar riff that is insanely catchy. This song will stick in your head for days.

The problem is, that by the end of the CD, everything melds together into a single buzzing noise as all of the tracks are a bit too similar, not using enough memorable tricks to keep the listener occupied. I know that I usually began tuning out somewhere just after track seven. Also, the album cover isn’t as shocking as I’m thinking they mean it to be, it’s just kinda silly. Overall though, this is a good CD that should help both band and label make a name in the business.

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