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The Return of the Ghost
March 2011
Released: 2011, F.O.A.D. Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Ghostrider from Italy, is actually sort of a proto version from the legendary Italian thrashers Necrodeath. The original line-up of the band consisted of Ingo Veleno on vocals, Claudio on guitar, Paolo on bass and Mark Peso on drums. Ghostrider recorded a couple of demos (THE EXORCIST in 1984 and MAYHEMIC DESTRUCTION in 1985) that were circulated in the underground circles quite a bit back in the day.

Now Ghostrider has been dug up from its cold grave and re-animated to live new life with a new line-up. From the original line-up there´s only drummer Peso left, added with 2 new hooded zombies from Hell – G. Helvete F. handling the vocals and bass duties and A. Zarathos B. tormenting his guitar the best he can.

THE RETURN OF THE GHOST is a very apt title for Ghostrider´s debut album that includes remakes from all 4 tracks taken from the band´s most cult-ish underground demo MAYHEMIC DESTRUCTION. Ghostrider´s music is nasty, raw, very energetic, punky, thrashy – reminding a bit of the demo days of Necrodeath, early Sodom, early Venom, early Sepultura, Bulldozer, spiced with some slices of old-school Finnish hardcore alá Riistetyt, Terveet Kädet, early Rytmihäiriö and the likes of (“Perkele666” is a fucking hilarious song, reminding me of NY parody crossover/thrash act S.O.D., but done by some crazy Finns). There´s lots of relentless energy packed in for each of their song on this record – and it´s really refreshing to hear a band like Ghostrider taking things back to the roots, in which playing straightforward and raw with a punky vibe, counts more than some technical instrumental wankery. This world needs more bands like Ghostrider to bring back the fun and honesty aspects back to the metal music again. It´s also so much fun to hear them covering Onslaught´s song ”Power from Hell”, the guys making it sound like one of their own songs actually.

THE RETURN OF THE GHOST is hopefully just a new beginning for Ghostrider because this album seriously kicks ass with a big, spike-covered leather boot. Even Ripley says: “Believe it or not!”
Track Listing

01. The Exorcist
02. Curse of Valle Christi
03. The Return of the Ghost
04. Perkele666
05. Victim of Necromancy
06. Ride for Your Life
07. Doomed to Serve the Devil
08. Black Archangel
09. Hell Is the Place I’m Gonna Die
10. Power from Hell*
11. Deep in Blood

*Onslaught cover


G. Helvete F. - Vocals and bass
A. Zarathos B. - Guitars
Mark Peso - Drums

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