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Earth Penitentiary
July 2007
Released: 2006, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Simon Lukic

Epidemic is an Israeli Death/Thrash Metal band that has begun to take their first steps into the international scene. They debuted with the EVIL AGAINST EVIL demo in 2005 and have followed it up with their latest endeavour EARTH PENITENTIARY. Released in 2006 this effort features a blend of influences that range from early Death, Slayer and Sepultura to Metallica.

As a fan of all the aforementioned acts I can certainly appreciate what Epidemic is doing, it’s just that I’m not blown away by it. Tracks such as “Carcinoma” or “For What?” chug away at a solid pace, while the title track is a cool instrumental cut that will find favour with many. Being a demo, the production is raw and limited - giving each of the songs an underground quality that I can appreciate but what I feel is missing is character and an identity that is truly their own. Now, I don’t expect every new band to be bursting with individuality but I do look out for a certain something that will entice repeated listens and when all is said and done, I just didn’t find that with EARTH PENITENTIARY.

With a somewhat limited Metal scene in Israel there is no doubt that Epidemic has their work cut out for them in their homeland. However, in this day and age a band can reach out to so many potential fans where others in the past simply couldn’t. Hopefully this review will draw some attention to the band and interest someone to check them out. Epidemic is certainly passionate about what they do and while I didn’t feel that same enthusiasm many of you reading this review might.

As a final comment a single called THE MAN THAT KILLS HIMSELF followed the release of this demo and it isn’t found on EARTH PENITENTIARY. Having not heard it I can’t draw any comparisons but it would very interesting to see where Epidemic is heading as a band.
Track Listing

Six Years Old
For What?
Earth Penitentiary


Joseph Everjil – Guitars and Vocals
Johnny Segal – Guitars and Vocals
Wolf K – Bass
Erz Simon – Drums

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