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June 2005
Released: 2004, Redrum666
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A new and extremely promising newcomer in the Polish Death Metal has earned (again!!) its own sword of darkness and doom... Let it belong to Eclypse! First of all, it´s really great to see that the Polish Metal scene, especially for Death Metal, is on such fertile ground and bands in that country seem to pop up like mushrooms after the rain. One of these better, new discoveries that has crossed my warpath lately, is this Polish 4-piece band called Eclypse whose debut album, titled APPLAUSE – IHVH ELOHIM MET, was released a year ago via a small Polish label, Redrum 666. The label is specialized for Death and Grindcore acts; Disloyal, Deception, Trocki and World of Shit - along with Eclypse - of course, being some of the bands the label has on offer.

To get the truth out right away, Eclypse possess some incredible musicianship and truly deliver their goods in a very convincing and fantastic way. The whole band´s playing is amazingly tight, containing lots of technical yet tricky parts that basically create a firm core for each song on APPLAUSE. The guys have a strong sense for some immortal song structures that basically feed your imagination by allowing you to think Eclypse as some sort of missing link between such bands as Morbid Angel, Nile and Hate Eternal (in case you happen to crave for some comparisons...), BUT having something in their very own thrown deep into this same delicious soup in question. Even if Eclypse sounds damn familiar most of the time, and even rips off shamelessly soundscapes of some more established Death Metal names around of today, I have to say they are fully forgiven (from my side at least). These Polish fellows´ morbid, dark and twisted Death Metal simply flows so effortlessly and painlessly throughout the whole album that it´s almost criminal to like them THIS much. At best they sound in such songs as “Apostasy” which shreds easily your ears to pieces like a recently sharpened sabre, a heavily Nile influenced song “Ain Sof Aur” with its slow, mystique atmosphere, “Black Coronation” due to its absolutely catchy and heavy riffings in it - and “Dyscrasia” that has almost the identical main riff in the beginning of the song like a Morbid Angel song “Summoning Redemption” has off GATEWAYS OF ANNIHILATION. Also the band´s version from Samael´s “After the Sepulture” has reached a totally new dimension of brutality which was done with a good taste and respect for the original version though.

All in all, we (or at least I) could consider APPLAUSE – IHVH ELOHIM MET quite a successor amongst all the other Death Metal albums because it sounds just like every good Death Metal album is supposed to sound: Catchy as hell, well thought-out, heavy, brutal in a sophisticated way, but luckily not exaggeratedly brutal and even just ´melodic´ enough in tiny small doses that however aren´t allowed to ruin the album´s savage and morbid feeling and atmosphere in the slightest.

Eclypse is undoubtedly one of the most positive surprises for me this year that truly has a very good opportunity to reach a wider fanbase for themselves with material of this high quality if they just manage to spread some more noise around them and still maintain to keep their sharp song writing skills on the same level with the songs on this excellent debut album of theirs. There´s actually not much more I could spit out about this absolutely talented Polish foursome, except stating one hard fact just one more time: Eclypse fuckin´ DESTROYS... big time!! ,,/
Track Listing

01. Apostasy
02. Procession of Blind
03. Sick. Sin. Skin.
04. Allegory of Suffering
05. Ain Sof Aur
06. Black Coronation
07. New Fuhrer
08. Dyscrasia
09. Manifestation of V Stabbing Wounds
10. After the Sepulture (Samael cover)


Rodriguez – Vocals & guitar
Rzulty – Vocals & guitar
Bartollo – Bass
Przybyl – Drums

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