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Entombed AD
Back To The Front
September 2014
Released: 2014, Century Media
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Finally after months of legal wrangling the new Entombed A.D. album is ready to surface. That subtle but all important alteration of the name is the big clue as to why it’s taken so long to get this record out to fans. The original band is on hold at the moment and with all four original members owning the naming rights the addition of the ‘A. D.’ has allowed L G Petrov to move forward without incurring the wrath of the legal eagles employed by his for now former band mates.

It has to be said that this incarnation of one of extreme metal’s original titans sounds in many ways remarkably similar to what has gone before. It’s not just those distinctive vocals either, the whole set up of the band, the low tuning and that familiar angry mid paced throb from the rhythm section is all present and correct. To all intents and purpose this is the real deal which must be just a bit galling for those not actually present in the recording. It has to be said that for many reasons ‘Back To The Front’ is a very strong record indeed.

It isn’t without its hiccups though as the opening track ‘Kill To Live’ proves with an over long intro and sparse sound which comes across as less Entombed A. D. and more Entombed Lite. ‘Bedlam Attack’ is much more like it though, plenty of bass, some serious anger and a focus that only a few of the greats ever really achieve. If you were wondering as to the state of relations between Petrov and his former band mates then songs like ‘Vulture And The Traitor’ and ‘The Underminer’ could have just given the game away. Frosty springs to mind.

Not relying on the vocalist alone to carry the flag ‘Back To The Front’ gives a very promising base on which this almost all new band can build. Gone are those delicious deathly blues leanings but even so if they can get the consistency higher Entombed A.D. look to have more to offer than many. If you ignore the history and treat this as a kind of rebirth debut then it makes much more sense. It has enough to keep fans of the old Entombed happy. Whether is does enough to hoover up lots of new ones only time will tell.

Review by: Gary Trueman
Track Listing

Kill To Live
Bedlam Attack
Pandemic Rage
Second To None
Bait And Bleed
Waiting For Death
Eternal Woe
Digitus Medius
Vulture And Traitor
The Underminer


L G Petrov - Vocals
Olle Dahlstedt - Drums
Victor Brandt - Bass
Nico Elgstrand - Guitars



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