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September 2005
Released: 2005, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Italy probably doesn´t belong to one of those countries that one may associate with Thrash Metal (despite a few important names like Necrodeath, Schizo, Hatework and Vexed to come my mind first), but maybe that´s about to change in the forth-coming years?

One of the newest names from the Italian Thrash Metal scene to me personally is this 4-piece act called Devaster which was started in 2002 by Nicola “The Doctor” and Enrico “Cimmero” with two of their local friends. The band started playing some cover songs from such bands as Sodom (“Agent Orange”), Destruction (“The Antichrist”, “Mad Butcher”) and Sepultura (“Troops of Doom”), went through some line-up changes during the period of 2002-2004 ´til in January 2005, the band recorded their 1st ever demo titled INFERNAL MARCH with the current line-up.

The result contains 5 songs of a mostly fast-paced Thrash Metal that could be considered sort of a combination of both European – and American old school Thrash Metal. It´s kinda hard for me to put my finger on any specific band and say this or that band is where Devaster have been mostly influenced from even if the guys themselves have mentioned such bands as Slayer, Sodom, Destruction and even Motörhead as those 4 specific bands in their bio to do justice for their own sound. Well, I probably cannot argue with that. At least I can hear quite a lot of old Destruction in their sound - and even pretty strong hints from Sodom seem to be in present in Devaster´s songs, added with sort of rock´n´rollish vibe of the English trio Motörhead, so a careful combination of these 3 aforementioned bands sums up Devaster´s sound pretty well, I guess. Even if we deal with kinda fast and aggressive Thrash Metal stuff here, each song on this 5-tracker promotional disc varies between 4-6 minutes in length which I do consider quite an ambitious yet overall positive achievement from the band as far as their song writing skills to write fast tempo stuff is concerned. Songs like “Infernal Evocation” and “Necrothrash” show clearly that Devaster´s true potentiality value to achieve more name for themselves within the international metal markets, are already there – and it´s simply a matter of time when they get signed by some label.

Devaster is a convincing Italian Thrash Metal act with lots of talent... and they have already revealed their sharp claws by this 5-song effort and are ready for some more true headbanging action. I suggest you´d better to keep your eyes on them in the future if Thrash Metal is any your cup of tea.
Track Listing

01. March
02. Feverish Commando
03. Persecution
04. Infernal Evocation
05. Necrothrash (come back...)


Doktor – Vocals, lead & rhythm guitars
Cimmero – Lead & rhythm guitars
Michele – Bass
Massi – Drums

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