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Inventor of Evil
December 2005
Released: 2005, AFM Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The legendary Destruction is an institution within the trash metal scene. Their debut came in 1984, SENTENCE OF DEATH, and after a long row of albums it is now time for this German act to follow up their highly acclaimed studio album METAL DISCHARGE from 2003.

1999 was the year when David Schmier reunited with Mike and drummer Sven. Many shook their heads and doubted that the guys could get along but the band proved the doubters wrong when they released ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE (2000). The only set back the band has went trough so far is the change of drummer, now it’s Marc that joined on the last album that’s responsible for hammering the drums. Thrash metal is Destruction, Destruction is thrash metal, is a simple way of sum up what the band is all about. They have always, and still, walk their own way and haven’t been influenced by anyone other then themselves. They still play the same old German thrash metal as they did when they first started out.

Destruction riff on as if it were 1984. The biggest change the band have gone through musically is that they have more melodies in their songs and the tempo is just a bit slower. Schmier’s voice has grown and today he sounds more mature and doesn’t take on the higher notes as often as he did before. But all these minor changes feels like a natural continuation for the band and therefore is OK.

Schmier and co. have once again returned to Sweden and the Abyss Studio were we find the owner of the studio, Peter Tägtgren, in the producers seat. The bio states that INVENTOR OF EVIL has a fresh and new sound which is quite remarkable to say when the only thing I can hear is that good old German old school thrash metal as before. The band set the standards of how great thrash metal should sound and they haven’t done anything different since then.

I haven’t heard any production from Abyss that sounds lousy in any way and INVENTOR OF EVIL is no exception. The production contains everything that Destruction is about, heavy pounding hard hitting drums, varied and sharp guitar playing, and above all David’s characteristic lead vocals that really defines Destruction.

Schmier and Mike have written the 11 tracks on INVENTOR OF EVIL and as always the quality of the material remains on a real high level. The album kicks off with “Soul Collector” and already the path is set for what we can expect of the album. I can only say that this 50 minute album is a brilliant masterpiece. In the third track “The Alliance Of Hellhoundz” Schmier has invited the cream of the metal scene to make an appearance. We have Messiah (Candlemass), Mark (Dark Angel), Peavy (Rage), Doro, Biff (Saxon), Paul Di’Anno, and Speed (Soilwork) that help with the shouting and do I have to say that it is an totally ass-kicking song? This is said in the bio about this song “It is the new anthem for 2005 and one of the most outstanding tracks the band has produced so far. Loud, heavy and aggressive and melodic”. It’s too hard for me to pick any favorite tracks, all of the songs are outstanding so I’d say the whole album is my killer track.

This is a stunning new album from one of the founders of German old school thrash metal and I’m sure that every fan will love INVENTOR OF EVIL. For those who haven’t heard Destruction before, INVENTOR OF EVIL a good introduction to what Destruction are all about.

During November the band headed out on tour through Europe and just pray that they’ll come to your town. The limited edition of the album contains 2 additional bonus tracks and 2 video bonus clips and also a media section.

The Butcher strikes back hard, is all that has to be said about INVENTOR OF EVIL!.

Labels: and
Track Listing

Soul Collector
The Defiance Will Remain
The Alliance Of Hellhoundz
No Mans Land
The Calm Before The Storm
The Chosen Ones
Dealer Of Hostility
Under Surveillance
Seeds Of Hate
Twist Of Fate
Killing Machine


David Schmier – lead vocals, bass
Mike – guitar
Marc – drums

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