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Demonic Resurrection
A Darkness Descends
June 2008
Released: 2005, Demonstealer Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

In the depths of Mumbai/Maharashtra, India, darkness descends - even when it´s mid-day there: A darkness named Demonic Resurrection that have already recorded a couple of full-length albums and one EP during their 8-year career. As it´s an already known fact, people haven´t paid much attention to the Indian metal scene simply because most of us obviously, yet mistakenly, think no true metal bands exist in a such exotic country as India, and particularly for the more extreme side of heavy metal. Well, don´t you think it´s about the time to change your view about the Indian metal scene - once and for all? They do have one, believe me - and Demonic Resurrection are just only one proof of all that.

A DARKNESS DESCENDS, being this 4-piece act Demonic Resurrection´s 2nd full-length album, is a relatively impressive package of blackened death metal, even if the band ain´t too afraid of stretching their sound away from the ´blackened death metal´ box either. Most of the time Demonic Resurrection spend their time impressing their listeners with their aggressive, dark and wicked blackened death metal approach, well seasoned with good song writing skills, to come up with some memorable elements that many can only dream of. The band´s sort of ´Behemoth-meets-Limbonic-Art´ type of death march is in excellent form on A DARKNESS DESCENDS: Lots of fast but controlled tempos, skin-nailing riffs, vicious, deep death grunts and shrieks, atmospheric keyboard sections, etc. - they all dominate Demonic Resurrection´s sound in a magnificently pleasing way. Such tracks as "Dreams of the Dead", "Behind the Mask of God", "Spirits of the Mystic Mountains", "Invoking the Demons (a very nice Morbid Angel vibe in this tune)" and "The Summoning" are true ace stuff off this fantastic record - and who are you to say India doesn´t have a decent metal scene to offer to the rest of the metal world? Demonic Resurrection are great, measured at any possible level, so by all means do yourself a favor and check them out. You´ll hardly regret it, believe me... ;o)
Track Listing

01. Prelude to Darkness
02. Dreams of the Dead
03. Apocalyptic Dawn
04. Behind the Mask of God
05. Carnival of Depravity
06. Spirits of the Mystic Mountains
07. Where Shadows Lie
08. A Darkness Descends
09. Invoking the Demons
10. Frozen Portrait
11. The Summoning
12. Overture to Glory


The Demonstealer - Vocals & guitars
Mephisto - Synth
Husain - Bass
JP - Drums

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