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Once Upon The Cross
March 2014
Released: 1995, Roadrunner Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Editors Note. was founded in 1995 as a forward thinking site. Our goal is, and always has been, to support Real Metal. The decision was made that very rarely do we ever go back and review an album from before 1995. Does the world really need another CD review of Master Of Puppets, Powerslave or Screaming For Vengeance? We don’t think so. We have always supported what is happening now.

Starting in January, 2014, as we head towards our 10,000th review and the 20th Anniversary of, we are looking back and filling in a few gaps in the review database. We want to complete the post-1995 review catalogue of some of the bands that we have supported since 1995, when very few, if any website were supporting real Metal. It’s fun to go back and revisit some of these albums that we did not review when they were first released. Enjoy!

By the release of ONCE UPON THE CROSS, Deicide got bigger than ever. This is a classics death metal album that stood the test of time. This album was written by the left hand of Satan ‘when he ruled his world’. This is the absolute soundtrack for the movie “See the world set on Fire”. The album starts out with the title track and “Christ Denied”. Although both songs are a little bit different in tempo; together they bring you back to the blasphemy of Deicide we adore and praise them in IN THE MINDS OF EVIL (2013) which has a strong touch of the early Deicide.

The entire album could be the only one setlist. There are no fillers, not at all. The Kill-the Christians-and-their-God- team is too tight and too vile to confine! They set up an inverted cross and Glen Benton is upon it wearing his death metal barbed chaplet and giggles at the crowd who cries for the dying Jesus Christ. Glen Benton, Steve Asheim and Hoffman brothers are the ‘children of the underworld’ that came on Earth to break and burn!

ONCE UPON THE CROSS sums up all the blessing and hateful elements that made this band great: fast, intense and evil songs (Evil is from start to finish, from the first second to the last one). This is one of the best Deicide album and a milestone death metal album that lied the groundwork for the death genre. They certainly come up trumps in terms of sheer balls-to-the-wall heaviness. Galloping riffs, blast beat drumming, guttural vocals and monumentally bludegeoning breakdowns...blending to create a sound that suggests the band are well up to the challenge of taking on any more-hyped peers from across the atlantic.

ONCE UPON A CROSS is a creepy and anti-Christian atmospheric journey that sees our death heroes zoning out and embarking on an astral dirge that’ll give you nightmares for weeks.
Track Listing

1. Once Upon the Cross
2. Christ Denied
3. When Satan Rules His World
4. Kill the Christian
5. Trick or Betrayed
6. They Are the Children of the Underworld
7. Behind the Light Thou Shall Rise
8. To Be Dead
9. Confessional Rape


Glen Benton – bass, vocals
Brian Hoffman – guitar
Eric Hoffman – guitar
Steve Asheim – drums



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