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Dead Earth Politics
The Weight of Poseidon
June 2010
Released: 2010, Genuine Recordings
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Dead Earth Politics are a four-piece metal band based out of Austin, Texas formed in 2005 who have previously released the five song "Mark The Resistance" EP. The band's latest effort THE WEIGHT OF POSEIDON features eight tracks and some visually stunning cover art.

THE WEIGHT OF POSEIDON opens with the statement "I'll pepper you with a barrage of wordfire" before delving into a thrashy assault on album opener "Artistic License". Dead Earth Politics play heavily on dynamics on this number, effortlessly shifting between tempos and various vocal approaches...and it works. "Dos Cuerpos" hits like a ten-ton bag of hammers, sludging forth from the depths with some heavy riffing and a vocalist that at times seems violently drunk on equal parts Jack Daniels and battery acid. Describing the sound of Dead Earth Politics can be a little difficult and that is also what makes them a bit unique. In my opinion, although they play up some ultra beefy riffs, at other times the riffwork is far too intelligent and at times progressive to land them a spot in any genre that ends with "core". The vocal delivery ranges from a guttural grind approach, to screechy blackness to more of a melodic death influence as found on the atmospheric "Hooked". The album comes to a close with the epic "10/13" a track that clocks in at just under nine minutes, again working well with dynamics by incorporating a nylon string intro passage with atmospheric Native American wailing, before slowly building, building and then delivering the heavy.

I would expect bigger and better things to await Dead Earth Politics following the release of THE WEIGHT OF POSEIDON. This is pretty much the total package today's up-and-comers aspire to, good packaging, good production, good performance and bonus points for an original sound.
Track Listing

Ven Scott - Vocals
Ernie Clark - Guitar
Will Little - Bass
Mason Evans - Drums


1. Artistic License
2. Dos Cuerpos
3. Burial Ground
4. Once Was Glass
5. Hooked
6. The Weight of Poseidon
7. Traitor is a Name
8. 10/13

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