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Black Light
Name Of The One
February 2017
Released: Sept, Support Underground
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Black Light, from Slovakia (Kosice to be precise) unleash their particular brand of Thrash/Death Metal upon us with their latest release Name Of The One. Having not heard much of this band (if anything) before I can only take this album at face value, and so be it - that is what I shall do.

First and foremost I love Thrash. It's probably the genre that bridged the gap for me with other types of metal between flat out listening to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Dio etc. It came along with a hell of a lot more attitude and seemed like the right thing for Metal to evolve into at the time. Other genre's soon caught my eye but Thrash was (and still is) almost like my first young love, and for a while it went away, Sad days indeed so one turned to other forms of Metal for solace. for a long time it was a very barren landscape for your local Thrasher.

One day out of the blue it came back. Bands everywhere popping up emulating the sounds of the greats, some people liked it, some hated it but there was a definite resurgence in the art of Thrash Metal and most of it came from places out of the blue. Amken and Suicidal Angels from Greece lead the charge along with Evile and the resurgence of UK bands like Acid Reign. Suddenly the Beast was as foretold, BACK! So what does this gibberish have to do with this review you may well ask? read on.

Name Of The One has all the right things in the right places to entertain, the right riffs, the right solos, tight drumming and the vocalist does quite a respectable job (maybe even a tad early Sepultura in his delivery). The second song Locked is an absolute cracker that will no doubt set many a mosh pit into perpetual violent motion, and the titular song certainly has all the hall marks of Bay Area era Thrash with it's relentless pounding rhythm and lyrical content.

Breeze 1849 brings back the classic Metal Instrumental at it's finest, lulling you into a sense of false security before ramping it up a little, a well written piece with an even better ending.

As For the rest of the album, well, go buy it. At the beginning I thought the band seemed to struggle with a sense of direction but over the course of the whole album it became apparent that along with a few listens it became far more accessible. Indecisive Face is another killer kick in the face, as is Under Cage, and the final track almost had echoes of early Sacred Reich - well lyrically anyway.

Time to dust off the sleeveless patch jacket, tight jeans and high top sneakers people for a ride into Thrashville!
Track Listing

1 - Musselmanner
2 - Locked
3 - Name Of The One
4 - Breeze 1849
5 - Rain
6 - Indecisive Face
7 - Under Cage
8 - When?


Matus Mlich - Guitar/Violin
Martin "Wevo" Tomas - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Marek Zeleznik - Drums
Tomas Kilian - Bass
Guests - Lucia Benkova (Cello) and Ana Kotelesova (Violin)

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