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Alice Cooper
Welcome 2 My Nightmare
October 2011
Released: 2011, Universal
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

What can I say? I am an Alice fan and have been for many years. He did lose me for awhile in the 90’s but regained my allegiance with the release of THE EYES OF ALICE COOPER back in 2003. Since then I have loved every album until now

WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE features a guest appearance by Pop singer Ke$ha (who, according to Wikipedia insisted that NO Guitars be used on her album) who duets with Cooper on “What Baby Wants”. This is not the only bad thing about this album. Nowhere is Damon Johnson’s guitar playing found on the recording. Longtime bassist Chuck Garric is credited on 1 song. It gets better, Cooper uses Auto-Tune, yes Auto-Tune on his vocals. Blasphemous!!! What in the name of fuck are you thinking Alice? For over 40 years you were the King of Shock and created many damn fine albums. There were a few that were a bit out in left field that lost you fans and popularity with critics but this use of Auto-Tune is just so in your face and horrible.

The songs are classic Alice lyrically and are what we’ve come to expect and love about his albums. There is even a ballad on here; “Something To Remember Me By” that is just as creepy as anything he’s ever done. It is songs like “What Baby Wants” and “I Am Made Of You” with it’s blatant use of Auto-Tune that take away from this album drastically. Also the poppy/dance/computer generated “Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever” is hard on the ears for the most part except for the guitar solo segments done by John 5. However it is great to see him working with his old band and producer but it never should be called WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE. The original is a timeless classic and this doesn’t come close. The song “Ghouls Gone Wild” puts you in mind of the old Eddie Cochran song “Summertime Blues”, a fun and upbeat song. Even so, not one of the album’s stronger tracks.

Like many albums there are good songs, bad songs and OK songs. With WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE there are some OK songs and some terrible songs. There are a few numbers that I do really enjoy and “The Underture” was really well done and a nice way to end the disc. With a stroke or 2 of luck Alice will pick up his phone and call up Keri and Damon or Jason or Ryan even and get them back in the band. Alice’s live band has been nothing short of amazing every time I have seen them so why isn’t the live band playing on the album? There is no excuse. Alice really missed the mark on this one.
Track Listing

1. I Am Made Of You
2. Caffeine
3. The Nightmare Returns
4. A Runaway Train
5. Last Man On Earth
6. The Congregation
7. I’ll Bite Your Face Off
8. Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever
9. Ghouls Gone Wild
10. Something To Remember Me By
11. When Hell Comes Home
12. What Baby Wants
13. I Gotta Get Outta Here
14. The Underture


Alice Cooper - Vocals, Harmonica
Tommy Henriksen - (Associate Producer) Co-songwriter,Guitars,Bass,Keyboards,Vocals,Programming,Engineer,Mixing
Michael Bruce - Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals on "A Runaway Train", "I'll Bite Your Face Off" and "When Hell Comes Home"
Dennis Dunaway - Bass, backing vocals on "A Runaway Train", "I'll Bite Your Face Off" and "When Hell Comes Home"
Neal Smith - Drums, percussion, backing vocals on "A Runaway Train", "I'll Bite Your Face Off" and "When Hell Comes Home"
Steve Hunter - guitars on "Something To Remember Me By", "When Hell Comes Home" and "What Baby Wants"
Keith Nelson - Guitars, backing vocals on "Caffeine"
Dick Wagner - Co-songwriter / Lead guitar on "The Underture"
Tommy Denander - Guitars on "I Am Made of You"
Vince Gill - Lead guitar on "A Runaway Train" and "Gotta Get Outta Here"
Ke$ha - Guest vocals on "What Baby Wants"
Rob Zombie - Backing vocals on "The Congregation"
John 5 - guitar on "Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever"
Chuck Garric - Bass
Piggy D - Co-songwriter, and bass on "Last Man On Earth"
David Spreng - Co-songwriter and drums on "Last Man On Earth"
Kip Winger - backing vocals on "Ghouls Gone Wild" & "The Congregation"
Patterson Hood - guitar on "Gotta Get Outta Here"
Damon Johnson - guitar on "We Gotta Get Out of This Place"
Keri Kelli - guitar on "We Gotta Get Out of This Place"
Jimmy DeGrasso - drums on "We Gotta Get Out of This Place"
Pat Buchanan - Guitars
Vicki Hampton - Backing vocals
Wendy Moten - Backing vocals
Scott Williamson - Drums
Jimmie Lee Sloas - Bass

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