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Acrid Semblance
From the Oblivion
July 2008
Released: 2006, Demonstealer Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Another act from the capital city of India, New Delhi, is called Acrid Semblance that was formed in 2001 - and much like many of their countrymen, trusting in the power of metal, the band´s debut album FROM THE OBLIVION saw the light of day only some years later - in Acrid Semblance´s case 5 years on from their formation. Better late than never, I guess.

Musically Acrid Semblance could be said to owe a thing or two to Children of Bodom - not only because of the keyboard parts, but also because of the whole musical concept, i.e. how it generally flows and shows off in their modern sounding metal. I´m kinda sure the band has spent some hours by listening to Bodom´s albums, but hey, can they blamed for that as C.o.B. have influenced a whole generation of young metalheads around the globe.

Despite the fact there´s lotsa potential involved with this band, I think it´s a bit of a shame that they cannot avoid the most obvious traps to fall into this forever-cursed category of sounding like another Bodom clone act. Similarities to C.o.B.´s stuff are obvious, and I almost feel sorry for the band for wasting so much time trying to sound like them. The music however, flows nicely thoroughout the album (the leads are fine, the songs have been well arranged, etc.), but it leaves a somewhat cheap aftertaste in a listener´s mouth (or to ears, to be more accurate). The keyboard parts - while trying to add more atmosphere, different moods, shapes, colors and such into the songs, sound out of place at times, and even irritating every now and then. More attention needs to be paid for them on their next release, that´s already certain. And what they would desperately need more of is to find more of their own, distinctive path to express themselves musically. Sounding too much like another band just isn´t the best way to flatter anyone, I´m afraid.

Let´s give these lads some time and hope for coming up with something a bit more original and unique, as they have already proved on FROM THE OBLIVION that they indeed are a bunch of talented musicians, but suffer from a lack of originality on this release to sound like their own band. Pretty good stuff, but sometimes good is not good enough.
Track Listing

01. From the Oblivion
02. Perfect Pseudocrity
03. Mindwarp II
04. Genesis 18:05
05. Acrid Arts
06. Running for Eternity
07. Mindwarp I
08. The Desecrator
09. Burning the Ashes


Anubhav Misra - Vocals & keyboards
Vikas Dharamsattu - Guitar
Kshitish Purohit - Guitar
Chiranjeev Brahma - Bass
Ashim Manna - Drums

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