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Zanthropya Ex
March 2010
Released: 2010, Demo
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Thorsten Zwingelberg

According to themselves, they are live-compliant, bang-compliant, Thrash, Death and Melody. I don’t know about the first bit but I can definitively assure you all that this is Thrash, Death and Melody and big time, too. While it took the band from Germany’s South only a year to complete their second full-length, they didn’t settle for fillers but produced a total of 10 well-written, powerful songs and a cool, dark intro.

So far, so good – what makes this band really different from the majority of the world’s Melodic Death Metal bands is that they sing in German. In Germany, more and more bands have the courage to actually use their mother tongue in Metal music, but for fans in North America it will still be an exotic note. But apart from this little extra bonus, the band succeeds in delivering bone-crushing, steaming Metal songs that come with catchy hooks and thundering guitar riffs. On your musical journey through stories of death and disease don’t miss out on songs like “Grabgeflüster” or “Gottes Hand”. While Zanthropya Ex are more likely to navigate their songs in mid-tempo currents, you will be shaken by uptempo attacks every now and then (“Gottes Hand”, “Lichter des Herrn”). On the other hand, you will find a powerful slow track by the name of “Mutters Narbe in der Zeit”, which might be reminiscent of Boehse Onkelz in the first part but turns out to be one of the strongest songs on this album.

Iy you are looking for a release to prove to your friends that you are actually the truest of all Metal disciples in your neighborhood, than this might well be your chance to show everybody that you recognize talent when you see it – even if it hails from Trossingen, Germany
Track Listing

1. Östlich vom Morgentau
2. Schwarzer Tod
3. Kristalgebet
4. Engel der Pest
5. Grabgeflüster
6. Stillstand
7. Gottes Hand
8. Mutters Narbe in der Zeit
9. Le Massacre
10. Krankheitswahn
11. Lichter des Herrn


Matthias Mutschler – Vocals
Jens Mutschler – Guitar
Marcel Austein - Guitar
Benjamin Petruck – Bass
Tobias Müller – Drums

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