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Zero The Hero
Demo 2001
November 2001
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

With a name like Zero The Hero I was expecting some doomy and groovy Sabbath metal. Well that’s not what these guys play. In fact what they do play is traditional heavy metal with hints of bands such as Iron Maiden and a very tiny bit of early Helloween. Hailing from the US state of Texas, Manny Santos (lead guitar and lead vocals), Reuban Hernandez (bass), Chris Pelayo (lead guitar) and Alexcatrazz (drums) offer up a promising demo.

The demo opens with the track “End of the Earth” The intro riff is reminiscent of “Flash of the Blade” by Iron Maiden without stealing too much from who is perhaps one of the bands main influences. The solo in this song is a highpoint - very smooth and fluid with no sounds of a “struggle” that you can sometimes hear from a new band. The lead guitar playing is one thing that sets this demo apart from many other new bands. Both lead guitarists sound like they’ve been playing for a while and I would be surprised if this was the first demo or album they’ve been on. “Deal With The Devil” is very much a traditional metal song that is easy to get into on first listen. Closing this 5-song demo off is the track “Valley of the Bones” with a very radio friendly chorus but the rest of the song is very much traditional metal. The lead melody line uses a harmonic minor feel and it makes me think of something from Marty Friedman’s Dragon’s Kiss solo album. It’s not played at blistering speed, just the feel and sound made me think of that album. In terms of song tempo, Zero The Hero do not play a billion miles an hour or have an abundance of double kicks although they can be heard in places. The sound quality on this demo is not the best. It’s easily passable and listenable for a demo and it sounds better then a typical four-track basement recording! The kick drums are a bit bass heavy –something that a bit better EQ’ing and mixing would fix up I think!

Hopefully this demo will generate some interest in the band and they can get up the money to professionally record a full album. If you are interested in hearing an unsigned and underground band that plays traditional metal, then you should check out Zero The Hero. More info on the band will be available from their soon to be online site at
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