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Zero Down
Old Time Revival
June 2007
Released: 2007, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Newcomers on the once-great Seattle scene (great being the pre-Nirvana days!), Zero Down are a relatively young band struggling to make their mark. Having already opened for such diverse acts as The Accused, Lynch Mob, and The Mentors, Zero Down is already well on their way. Rightfully, so ‘cause the band’s melding of classic rock, metal, and punk is infectious as all hell!

I reviewed the band’s POUND FOR POUND e.p. back in 2004, and they’ve improved immensely since then. Seriously, from minute one of the rockin’ “In the Name of Satan We Rock”, the band’s knack for writing catchy riffs and combining them with a metal ethic and a sense of humour smacks you right in the mouth. The intervening years have obviously taught the band a few song-writing tricks as well, as the heads-down metallic crush of old has been enhanced by a finesse that shows these guys aren’t afraid to mature (see “Rejuvenate” and “Old Time Revival”). Hell the Iron Maiden-esque dual guitar solo in the first song wouldn’t have even been in the band’s vocabulary three years ago! That said, the band still rips it up with a direct punch when necessary as “Two Ton Hammer” and “Bronson” (a holdover from the e.p.) prove.

It’s clear that OLD TIME REVIVAL is a much more professional effort for the band, from the packaging right down to the clear-but-ratty (that’s a compliment!) production.

Simply put, this album is a fucking blast to listen to! It’s a half-hour rock ride that does not let up until it’s done. There isn’t anything new here, but when the music is played with this much fire and conviction, you just have to jump on board. These guys should be huge!
Track Listing

1) In the Name of Satan We Rock
2) Pound for Pound
3) Old Time Revival
4) Two Ton Hammer
5) Rejuvenate
6) Inside Out
7) Bronson
8) Casino Royale
9) Kick it Down
10) Rock ‘n Roll Kidz


Hawk: Vocals
Lenny Burnett: Guitar
Fred Speakman: Guitar
Ron E. Banner: Bass
Tyler Lindsley: Drums

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