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Zero Down
Looking To Start A Riot
January 2012
Released: 2011, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I can’t believe that it’s been three long years since Zero Down stomped a mud hole in my brain with their insanely good 2008 effort, GOOD TIMES AT THE GATES OF HELL. S’OK though, ‘cause these Seattle natives are back with their third official album (there’s a demo called POUND FOR POUND out there if you can find it...) and it’s like they were never away.

LOOKING TO START A RIOT is classic Zero Down stomp metal beginning to end, attitude fully accounted for, melody injected, songs hanging on for dear life as the band maniacally tear the place (your place, my place, any place!) to shreds. Hawk hollers his vocal chords into oblivion while the band bash out another eight anthems of their particular life code. It’s all so much metallic mayhem that the more subtle elements can get lost in the fury, but they are there if you listen close enough. Want proof? Check out the sublime twin melodic leads that open up “Broken”, or the down-trodden funeral dirge that is “Last Days of the Crow” which is quickly hammered into next week by “Knockout Brigade”.

For me, these guys are absolute world-beaters and this album is no different. One point off for brevity (only eight songs and 33 minutes of music) and lyrical silliness, but never ye mind that as this yet another damn near perfect effort. Fire it up!
Track Listing

1. Dead to Life
2. Year of the Rat
3. The Vulture
4. Broken
5. Last Days of the Crow/Knockout Brigade
6. Sweet Revenge
7. Snake Eyes
8. Battle at the Battle of the Bands


Mark “Hawk” Hawkinson: Vocals
Lenny Burnett: Guitar
Matt Fox: Guitar
Ron E. Banner: Bass
Tyler Lindsley: Drums

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