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May 2016
Released: 2016, Tribunal Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Last year, I was very pleasantly surprised by the re-tooled, reissue of the debut by Zephaniah. At the time I was writing the review it was announced that the new album REFORGED was being worked on. Slated for late 2015 it came out a bit later than anticipated but it is certainly worth the wait!

The band has improved in a number of areas. They made the jump from indie status to the smaller but respected Tribunal Records label. The cover art is better, the production is better and the overall vibe is that this quintet from the US Midwest is ready for the bigger leagues.

The album opens with some great narration and some nice pounding ‘metal on metal’ sound effects and we are off to the races! Opener ‘Reforged’ is an awesome exercise in indulgence with little solos and breaks all over the place as each musician gets to shine. ‘Destiny’ rips from minute one and check out that opening scream by vocalist, Logan!’

Anchoring the album right down the middle is the ‘Mad Max’ trilogy of songs (‘Mad Max’, ‘Road Warrior’ and ‘Thunderdome’) running a combined total of just under 20 minutes long. After all the heavy duty post-apocalyptic warfare they ease up (lyrically anyway) and we are treated to a taste of an epic adventure called ‘Quest For The Royal Crown’ and if you listen just right it could be a tale of five warrior looking for a bottle of Royal Crown whiskey! The entire album is pretty fast and that suits me just fine. The album closes on a very slightly slower note, with the triumphant mid-paced battle-hymn, appropriately titled, ‘Battle Hymn Of The Victorious’.

REFORGED lives up the high standards and early expectations of their debut, perhaps even surpassing it. Zephaniah have fully embraced all the best parts of metal to the molten core and reforged it into another marvellous album.
Track Listing

1. Reforged
2. Destiny
3. Mad Max
4. Road Warrior
5. Thunderdome
6. Quest for the Royal Crown
7. Judgement
8. Battle Hymn of the Victorious


Logan Detwiler Vocals
Tony Rudny Guitar
Justin Zych Guitar, Keyboards
Ian Bender Drums, Bass
Cody Johns Drums



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