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June 2015
Released: 2015, Independent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Desperate screams imprisoned among the debris...Gasping.

Zeit offers one of the interpretations to introduce the random, defiant cosmos of this surprising EP. This trio comes from Görlitz/Chemnitz/Leipzig(Germany) and unleashes now their third effort entitled "Trümmer". The past produced "Wintersturm" and the debut with the eponymous name "Zeit". We have to keep in mind that when related to distorted emotional fields and as connection to the self, this is in structure a piece of unconventional black metal.

Their sound is raw, in a matter of production and was recorded as a live setting process to emphasize the old school era. The first song "Trümmer" resembles a sludgy instrumental fused with, mid-tempo passages and grim vocals that seem to cannot longer reside in the flaming entrails, expressed in a desolate and derelict scenery. "Splitter" morphs into something between doom with a taste of stoner/psychedelic rhythm gradually hovering to "Stillstand", the following track that keeps the doom/heavy metal related but delving further into a twisted and almost unexpected conclusion. "Groll" liberates what the listener eventually will be awaiting, a ravenous torment, an outrageous rampage of coldness leaving only small fragments of hatred. Thus the previous anger penetrates a darker, shadowy and "trve" sonority with the “Moment de Klarheit", that lasts 3:31 minutes until the sudden and harsh final. Then they return to the emptied hourglass and reverse it for another propitious and revived chapter.

Zeit is recomended for the minds who are runaways from labels and prefer to take themselves through different kinds of contexts and sound fusions.

Review by E.Blackthorn
Track Listing

Side A
Side B
5.Moment der Klarheit


Fur - Vocals, Guitars (2010-present)
Flakmann - Bass (2013-present)
Win - Drums (2010-present)



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