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Cprpvs Hermeticvm
May 2015
Released: 2015, Via Nocturna
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

While you may struggle to pronounce the band’s name Zorormr, you may want to take note of their them nonetheless. The band’s third endeavor features not only their most accomplished material to date it also a guest appearances Mike Wead (King Diamond) and Hal (Vader),

Unfolding in full symphonic grandeur, ‘I am Legend’ comes with plenty of symphonic grandeur as the guitars and blast beats, lamenting the band's aggressive stance. The record keeps the momentum throughout its sinister sounding descent throughout the darker realms of metal with plenty of versatility to match. At times, their murky atmosphere feels as though you are being given a tour through the underworld and at others at others, they are proving just how kick ass they are at delivering face melting solos. Personal stand out, ‘Nyarlathotep’ comes with a well measured hybrid between melody and destruction that show the band’s song writing talents at their best. Meanwhile, ‘The Seventh Sermon To the Dead’ wades in for a more brooding assault of dissonant guitars and dense sounding drums. The instrumental passages display the band’s fret board wizardry to a greater level of professionalism than before, making it one of the album's most memorable moments. Closing off with ‘This I Command’ the guitars race ahead at full speed while the relentless drum pounds build into a grandiose sized closure that will get you pressing the replay button for some time afterwards.

Zorormr succeed in plunging your senses into an abyss that you’ll struggle to get back out of afterwards. Both musically and thematically, their sound is one that marks them as essential listening for 2015.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. I Am Legend
2. Against All Heresies
3. In The Mouth Of Madness
4. Nyarlathotep
5. Twilight of the Idols
6. Corpus Hermeticum
7. The Seventh Sermon To The Dead
8. Worship Me...
9. This I Command!


Moloch: guitars, bass & vocals
Icanraz (drums session)

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