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The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere
October 2012
Released: 2012, Candlelight Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Zatokrev are one of Candlelight’s newest signings and by the sounds of things they’ve made a good choice getting them on board! Mixing an interesting blend of Sludge, Stoner, Black Metal, Progressive Metal & Psychedelic Rock Zatokrev has created their own rather unique sound In which to convert the masses.

First off, this record sounds huge! As soon as “Goddamned Lights” kicks in you are punched in the chest by a veritable wall of guitars! It’s a sure fire way to grab anyone’s attention and for the full 9 minutes I find myself listening intently to every note that jumps out at me.

Speaking of “9” that’s the next track! There’s some definite Neurosis worship going on here (Never a bad thing!) as Frederyk’s vocals howl out at you in shrieks - the track also takes an interesting turn into slide guitar territory as it drones and rumbles it’s way to a noisy conclusion.

Not that it’s all Doom & Drone mind you, some black metal touches creep in on tracks like “Rodeo With Snakes” & “Medium” for some creepier moments, the vocals can be blistering visceral at times and the ambient noise and feedback leading to the heavy conclusion of “Medium” makes it all the more brutal for when they come crashing back into the track.

Some nice melancholic touches pervade the track “The Wheel”, somewhat reminiscent of My Dying Bride at times (though mainly in guitars not in vocal style) Before the pace is picked up for “Feel The Fire Pt.1” and it’s rather chaotic middle section - followed by a bombastic ending section and the return of the aforementioned slide guitar before “Feel The Fire Pt.2” picks up immediately where it’s precursor left off and utterly decimates with even more brutality!

Closing numbers “The Bat” & “Angels Of Cross” are a different matter, both are considerably more melodic yet still immensely heavy, The Bat with it’s droning guitar leads and Angels with its clean vocals, soaring lead lines and the lumbering and incredibly climatic conclusion - probably the only way this album could end in all honesty!

Sure it might not be easy for to get into, but personally I couldn’t stop listening once I started! Certainly worthy of repeat listens as there’s a hell of a lot going on and I certainly don’t believe you’ll catch everything first time around!

Very impressed by this album, a great effort by a band who I hope will get the recognition they deserve for such good music!

Review By Paul James
Track Listing

1. Goddamned Lights
2. 9
3. Rodeo With Snakes
4. Medium
5. The Wheel
6. Feel The Fire Pt.1
7. Feel The Fire Pt.2
8. The Bat
9. Angels Of Cross


Lucas Löw Bass, Vocals (Backing)
Frédéric Hug Drums
Julien Duseyau Guitars
Frederyk Rotter Vocals, Guitars

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