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Za Frumi
Za shum ushatar Uglakh
August 2001
Released: 2001, Tarki Records
Rating: 0.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

This is easily the weirdest “album” I have ever written a review for. This is not “music” but is more like a soundtrack of effects written to a fantasy storyline. I had this sitting here for 2-3 months wondering if I would ever review it. Finally, I’ve decided to jot down a few words about Za Frumi for you and the one in a thousand of you who MIGHT get off on this bizarre dark atmospheric recording.

The “band” is comprised of three touched individuals from Sweden: Simon Kölle, Simon Heath and Donald Persson. The best describe what they are about with the following:

“Za Frûmi - Za shum ushatar Uglakh is melodic mood music from a dark fantasy setting. The album centers around a wayward group of orcs, and their adventures in deep forests and mysterious castles. Deep flutes, rythmic drums and atmospheric ambience combine to grant enthusiasts everywhere a unique experience.”

These guys could make a living from recording this stuff and selling it to black metal or even “hobbit” metal bands to use as intro’s and song interludes! The other use for this would be for a movie soundtrack. I’m surprised they are not already planning and working towards that goal. Since all the spoken sections of this are in the “Orc” language aptly called “Orcish” an English translation is provided in the CD booklet. As you may know, I love fantasy stuff and “hobbit metal” but even this is too much for me. So that makes me wonder – “who would buy this album?” Maybe if you’re a dungeon master you may want to play it for mood music during your D&D game, maybe you’re a guitarist and you’ll play it in the background to inspire “Orc riffs” on your guitar…..who the hell knows!?!?!

Listening to this is like having a movie on in a foreign language (Orc) while not seeing the pictures. Weird, weird, weird!!

Za Frumi’s webpage is at:
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