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Yngwie Malmsteen
Raw Live (DVD)
March 2015
Released: 2010, Rising Force Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

RAW LIVE is Yngwie’s twelfth home video collection believe it or not! Released in 2010 on his own label is bare-bones, no-frills DVD of archival footage.

Essentially as the title suggests RAW LIVE is bootleg footage, most of it single-camera and much of it hand-held. Accordingly the footage if pretty poor but it does capture some amazing moments from around the world; Canada, America, Brazil, Sweden, Italy and England. The footage is culled from shows as far back as 1981 and up to 1999. The 1981 footage is really rare and cool to see the 18-year old Yngwie shredding his heart out.

The DVD runs well over 2 hours and although it doesn’t have bonus features or a booklet, the whole seems like one big bonus feature. There are 26 songs, several guitar solos and no track repetition, which is nice. The Maestro himself hosts and narrates the DVD giving it a bit of a documentary feel. We see him in the studio of his mansion and with his collection of Ferarri’s. There is also some clinic footage as well.

Many of Yngwie’s previous DVD’s have been full concerts or collections of videos but this one is a little more special for the die-hard fans like me.
Track Listing

1. Prepetual (Milan 1992)
2. Adagio (Milan 1992)
3. Air & Black Star (Milan 1992)
4. Bedroom Eyes (Milan 1992)
5. Spanish Castle Magic (Milan 1992)

6. Sails of Charon (London 1996)
7. Queen in Love (London 1996)
8. In the Dead of Night (London 1996)
9. Child in Time (London 1996)

10. Don't Let it End (Civic Arena 1985)
11. Anguish and Fear (Civic Arena 1985)
12. Guitar Solo (Civic Arena 1985)

13. I Am A Viking (Green Bay 1986)
14. Guitar Solo (Green Bay 1986)
15. You Don't Remeber, I'll Never Forget (Green Bay 1986)

16. Intro (Clinic 1999)
17. Facing the Animal (Clinic 1999)
18. Red House (Clinic 1999)

19. Merlins Castle (Sweden 1981)
20. Now Your Ships Are Burned (Sweden 1981)
21. Birth of the Sun (Sweden 1981)

22. Liar (Milan 1996)

23. Fury (Toronto 1986)
24. Queen in Love (Toronto 1986)
25. Fire (Toronto 1986)

26. Vengeance (Brazil 1996)
27. No Love Lost (Brazil 1996)
28. Never Die (Brazil 1996)





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