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Yngwie Malmsteen
Far Beyond The Rising Sun
January 2015
Released: 2008, Rising Force Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Back in 2008 or so Yngwie decided that after having two or three corrupt managers screw him over in terms of business, he would take control of his own destiny and founded Rising Force Records. Initially it was a label just used to release his own products but it has since expanded to release a couple of other bands as well. One of the earliest records he released was called FAR BEYOND THE RISING SUN which is a collection of rare tracks. This is RF CD-003, technically the third album on his new label.

FAR BEYOND THE RISING SUN is a Yngwie collectors dream. It compiles all the Japanese, UK and American bonus tracks from 1994-2003. It has all sorts of things, instrumentals, cover tunes and full songs. Many bands issue bonus tracks that are ‘demo’ versions or ‘alternate mixes’ or maybe a live track or two, which really are not that much of a bonus. All 18 of these tracks are fully-fledged songs!

The CD itself is nicely done, the cover art ties in with the theme of the album and the booklet has lyrics to the songs as well as liner notes where each track originally appeared. The songs cover lots of eras with no less than five different singers appearing on these songs and the list reads like the elite vocalists of Metal; Mark Boals, Mike Vescara, Goran Edman, Mats Leven and Dougie White.

I absolutely love when bands do a collection like this. It shows they care about their fans and have the foresight to compile all those rarities in one special affordable package. Think about the monetary value of this collection; 18 rare bonus tracks, most of them from Japan where the maestro is still revered as a God. To find and a buy a copy in good condition of all those Japanese albums, at current prices plus shipping, taxes, and exchange rate you would pay roughly $400.00 dollars to own all the songs in this compilation. This is a very rare thing to do and to date only a handful of bands have ever done this type of rarities compilation. I for one appreciate it.

Personally I would rate this at a 4.5 or even a perfect score for myself and for die-hard Yngwie fans. This is an incredible collection. However for the ‘average’ Metal fan would they really want this collection of rarities? Perhaps not, they might be content with just owning the regular studio albums, so I have to go with the 3.5 rating for execution, packaging and overall cool factor of this compilation.
Track Listing

1. Casting Pearls Before The Swine (Japanese album "Facing The Animal" Bonus Track)
2. God Is God (Japanese Album "Alchemy" Bonus Track)
3. Nobody's Fool (Japanese Album "Attack!!" Bonus Track)
4. Amadeus Quattro Valvole (Unreleased Track From "Anthology 1994-1999" Compilation)
5. Aftermath (Japanese Single "I Can't Wait" 1994)
6. Broken Glass (Japanese Album "Fire & Ice" Bonus Track)
7. Cantabile (Japanese Album "Magnum Opus" Bonus Track)
8. Angel In Heat (Japanese Album "The Seventh Sign" Bonus Track)
9. Treasure From The East (Japanese Album "War To End All Wars" Bonus Track)
10. I Can't Wait (Japanese Single "I Can't Wait" 1994)
11. Battlefield (US Edition Album "Attack!!" Bonus Track)
12. In The Distance (Unreleased Track From "The Seventh Sign" Remastered Edition 2003)
13. Power And Glory (Takada's Theme) (Japanese Single "I Can't Wait" 1994)
14. Tournament (Unreleased Track From "Magnum Opus" Remastered Edition 2003)
15. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Unreleased Track From "Anthology 1994-1999" Compilation)
16. Flamenco Diabolo (Unreleased Track From "Anthology 1994-1999" Compilation)
17. Black Sheep Of The Family (UK Edition Album "War To End All Wars" Bonus Track)
18. Requiem (Japanese Album "War To End All Wars" Bonus Track)


Yngwie J. Malmsteen-Guitar

Many others on various songs.

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