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Ymir's Blood
Ymir's Blood
May 2017
Released: 2017, Archaic Sound
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Naming your band after a mythological frost giant is pretty Metal. I didn’t know too much about Ymir but after doing a little research and reading in preparation for this review I learned Ymir’s blood was the foundation of the oceans and (by some accounts) the creator of the dwarves. This Finnish trio have released their self-titled second album on the Archaic sound label.

The album is a little on the short side, only five songs, but most of them are about eight minutes long and they end the album with a rather decent cover of the immortal ‘Immigrant’s Song’. It is not perhaps a very ambitious choice as dozens of other stylistically diverse Metal bands such as Adagio, Dark Angel, Demons & Wizards, Enslaved, Hellion, Infectious Grooves, Stryper and Virgin Steele have tackled the song. However it is actually one of better versions I have heard and lyrically it is a better fit for Ymir’s Blood, than some of the other bands that have interpreted the cut.

The band does sound a bit like mid-era Bathory, which is always welcome, especially in the vocal style of TL. The songs churn along quite thunderously, never getting too speedy or progressive, more like regressive, as this power trio really pounds some skulls. Speaking of vocals and lyrics, there are not too man lyrics, the band choosing a minimalist approach, in fact it is almost five and a half minutes into the opening track ‘Unleasher-Beerbarian’ before we hear any words at all! The whole tone of the album is fuzzy and thunderous and the murky production, which I’m quite sure was done on purpose adds nicely to the over all atmosphere of the band. The band doesn’t get too ‘groovy’ or descend into rock ‘ ‘n’ roll style song-writing, it stays pretty dense and weighty for the duration of the album. YMIR’S BLOOD reminds a little of old Grand Magus or older Amon Amarth before they both embraced a bit more of a Power Metal influence.

There are quite a few new bands in this style and Ymir’s Blood sounds as good as any of them. I enjoyed YMIR’S BLOOD more than I thought I would, they have really captured the classic Viking/Norse sound very well. Oh yes, they have a killer album cover too!
Track Listing

1. Unleasher - Beerbarian
2. 1589
3. Vipunen Wisdom
4. Origin of Iron
5. Immigrant Song


KK Vocals, Guitar
TL Bass
JR Drums



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