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Crushed By The Wheels Of Progress
October 2015
Released: 2015, Orchestrated Misery Recordings
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Stomping their way out of Indiana come the bayou brothers comprising Yellowtooth. Amazingly, this stomping collective is lead by vocalist/bass player Peter Clemens, who is also a part of well-regarded traditional metal warriors Skullview. I say “amazingly” because to Clemens’ credit, Yellowtooth is NOTHING like his other band. Before we get into that, allow me to also tell you that the band has been together since 2008 and have one previous full-length under their belts, 2012’s DISGUST.

As I said, the powerfully-titled CRUSHED BY THE WHEELS OF PROGRESS has little-to-no musical similarity to Skullview. Instead, the album stands tall on its own merits as a sludgey, HEAVY monstrosity that would fit in nicely amongst the heavier stoner bands out there; think Orange Goblin, Weedeater, or Alabama Thunderpussy. This is heavy music played by heavy-minded individuals. Clemens’ vocals are a somewhat basic growl, but he injects a hell of a lot of power and anger into his performance that makes up for much of his technical shortcomings. I also want to make mention of the vicious & crunchy guitar tone used by Henry (yep, just a single name). It’s crushing!

As for the songs, they are excursions into swampy, angry vistas and are rarely concerned with something as banal as “being catchy”. They’re long too, with the shortest song being 5 minutes with the rest being closer to 6 minutes or more. This gives the band plenty of time to spread their musical wings but unfortunately it seems they don’t actually have that much to say. Most of the songs ramble on in the way a lot of stoner metal does and eventually it all just starts to bore me. Hack a minute or so off of each of these songs and you’d have a truly devastating album but to my ears, there’s a lot of “dead” space here.

But hey, that’s just me and I know a lot of folks who will go gaga over this album, and rightfully so. When Yellowtooth is on, they are a swift boot to the head that’ll knock you senseless.
Track Listing

1. Meet Mr. Mossberg
2. Climbing the Mountain
3. Season’s End
4. Manifesto
5. Crushed By the Wheels of Progress
6. Spiral Stairs
7. Before I Return to Dust
8. Virginia Creeper


Peter Clemens: Vocals, Bass
Henry: Guitar
Ed Kribbs: Drums, Percussion



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